The bride lost her wedding after canceling SAS – VG

The bride lost her wedding after canceling SAS - VG
Unused Dresses: Therese Kroniloff, with her daughters Emilia and Nicole, keeps the dresses they should have worn to the wedding.

She was supposed to marry Therese Kroniloff at her home in Sweden on Saturday. There was only one problem – the bride herself was on strike in Spain.


When VG spoke to Kronilof on Sunday night, she hadn’t yet come home from what should have been a two-week vacation in Spain.

The holiday started as a family trip with a friend, their friends and their kids. A week later, the men went home without any problems. Friends were to be left for another week in the Spanish sun, with return tickets on Wednesday, July 6.

When the SAS strike became a reality, unrest began to register with Kronilov. She boarded her flight with SAS and, as feared, stated that there was a risk of cancellation.

Friends did not receive any notification of this, neither from SAS nor from the agency through which the flight was booked. Kronilov called the reservation company and said they had to go home no later than July 9, the date of her wedding.

They said the agency did not want to change the reservation because the flight had not been officially canceled – and in any case there were no flights before 10:00.

– It’s not possible, we have a wedding to have. I will stand there at nine, Kronilov said to the agent by phone.

– I had to call all my guests and say that there was no wedding. There are many invitees who had to withdraw after changing dates. My brother is not allowed to participate because he is going on vacation.

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Disclaimer: Therese Kroniloff has had to make many long phone calls in recent days. She says she was stressed and cursed.

Unconfirmed new date

After a series of phone calls and alterations, the couple will marry on Saturday, July 16, in just six days.

– But we are still in Spain, so I do not know if we will return home, says Kronilov.

The plane she and the group were scheduled to take on Sunday was also canceled and when they tried to find the reservation, it disappeared. The booking agency now said they could no longer help, but had to contact SAS.

– Then you feel very nervous and damned. Many ugly words came out of our mouths for this agent.

Was the flight cancelled? You have the right to:

no contact

– How did you try to communicate with SAS?

– We ourselves found the flight number to see if the flight was canceled or not. We have not received any updates on what is happening. To be sitting on the phone for eight hours just to get access to the SAS is absolutely insane.

The phone lines are open, but there is huge demand, said press director Tony Sund at SAS Sunday night.

– It’s hard to call us now, and that’s not how it should be. Large numbers of passengers are affected. It’s a wait and we’re really sorry.

More SAS customers are responding – watch the video:

flying tomorrow

The group of two adults and four children is scheduled to travel from Alicante to Sweden on Monday, with a layover in Palma. Only the last two aircraft are the SAS aircraft.

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– If we get stuck in Palma, I don’t know what to do. I’m too afraid to fly, so if I’m going to get stuck in an airport…

The travel party is now being held at a holiday home in Spain. The owner of the house allowed them to live there until their return to Sweden as the house was empty until the beginning of August.

– Just thank the gods for having a roof over our heads. Everyone was very helpful when they heard my little story, says Kronilov.

A complete war of words: SAS pilots will not bring more charter tourists home

Tired: The Swedish travel team is still in Spain when VG spoke to Kronilof on Sunday night.

home sick

Kronilov incurred several additional expenses due to the cancellation. In addition to homes, rental cars, and rebooks, she feels she must go on picnics and shop with the kids to keep their spirits up.

As a parent, you try to be calm, she says.

– But my eldest daughter is so crazy that she thinks it is very difficult to stay away from her father.

Monday morning at 06 Kronilov should have been back to work. Fortunately, her boss showed his understanding of the situation.

My boss is worth its weight in gold. He understands that this is not my fault. None of us can conjure and none of us have our own plane that we can take home.

Fresh ink: Therese Kroniloff tattooed her fiancĂ©’s name on her finger. In fact, she should have tattooed the wedding ring with the wedding date.

Almost wrong date tattoo

A few days ago, before the crash began in full swing, Kronilov had to tattoo the wedding ring with the date of the wedding. When she saw that the plane was in danger of being hit, she canceled the class.

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– I didn’t dare gamble on it. Thank God I didn’t smell a date, she says.

Then I could look at it and think about how much I had been cursed that day and how angry I had been.

She still opted to get a tattoo today – but she missed the date.

– If all goes well, we will be in Sweden on Tuesday night. When I meet my partner, we can laugh about it, says Kronilov.

On Saturday, we will get married.

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