The brother pleads to stand:

The brother pleads to stand:

The disappearance and murder of 22-year-old influencer Gabi Pettito has received a lot of attention both in his native United States and in the international media in recent weeks.

She and boyfriend Brian Laundry embarked on a road trip this spring. The trip was meticulously documented on Petito’s Instagram account, which eventually gained hundreds of thousands of followers.

But on September 1, Laundry returned to her parents’ hometown of North Port, Florida, without Pettito.


She was later reported by her parents, Tara and Joe Pettito. Then they heard nothing of their daughter at the end of August.

Petito’s last photo was posted on Instagram on August 25. The photo shows a smiling 22-year-old showing a pumpkin.

Two weeks after Laundry returned to Florida, he also disappeared.

On September 19, police confirmed that they had found Pettito murdered in Wyoming.

– Get us out of this

The police consider Pettito’s fiancé a “person of interest”, and so they wanted the 23-year-old.

Now Cassie Laundry’s 23-year-old sister is begging her brother to sign up.

“I want to ask my brother to stand up, and get us out of this terrible mess,” she says in an interview Good morning America, Tuesday.

– IM angry

The sister goes on to say that her brother and parents visited her on the day he returned to Florida.

– I wish he came to me first. Because I don’t think we would have been here today, says Laundry.

The sister admits that she is worried about her brother.

– I hope he is fine, but I am also angry. I don’t know exactly what to think, says Laundry.

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