The bulk – massive amount of headache

The bulk - massive amount of headache

It wasn’t long ago that Tesla owners named their most satisfied customers with cars. But not everyone is equally happy with what happens if the car has to be repaired.

The joy was great when Bronken and his partner Erica Christiansen received their new Tesla Model 3 at the end of September last year. This was a dream car that exceeded the expectations of an electric sports family car. On January 7, Bronkin was unlucky and involved in a small accident. He had the accident itself as not too tragic, but there was some damage to the car.

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Nobody knows anything

But what happened next caused a great deal of frustration:

– On the same day of the accident, I drove to the repair shop that my insurance company told me to do. This is where the problems begin, Bronken explains and continues:

– Since then, the car has been in the workshop. There’s a tiny bit missing from one door pillar that Tesla can’t get enough of. However, no one knows when this part can be obtained. And no one can tell me how long it will take before the car is fixed. He asks frustrated: Shall we get it on summer vacation, or maybe we should be without a car for Christmas.

I found the part myself

In the first 30 days after the injury, he got a rental car on insurance. He called Tesla several times and received several explanations as to why they couldn’t get the missing part. Bronken says he’s also called the Consumer Council. There they say it’s unbelievable that they would stand this without having any deadlines to deal with, but they still had a good case.

He even examined the whole of Europe himself and managed to find the part. It’s original and unused, but Tesla still doesn’t accept the possibility of using this part, according to Bronkin.

months of headache

– The workshop where the car was parked did everything to help us, but they also don’t get any information from Tesla about when they can expect to get the missing part.

Tesla Porsgrunn has now given me a month car loan to help with something. It’s very nice, but the situation still creates big problems since we were going on a car holiday trip this year. Buying a new Tesla is the biggest investment we’ve ever made and we’ve been looking forward to the freedom this car will provide. NEI Guys It’s been so many months now with a tremendous amount of headaches, says Bronkin.

Tesla Taos

We have asked Tesla Norway for answers to the following questions regarding this case, but have not yet received an answer:

– What makes the part unobtainable and that repairing the car takes time?

– When does the customer expect to get the car back in repaired condition?

What is Tesla doing to create the fewest possible problems for customers?

We will update the status if we receive a response from Tesla.

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