The burger chain is being scolded: – I got rude reviews in the food:

The burger chain is being scolded: – I got rude reviews in the food:

A Hungry Jack’s customer in Claremont, California feels cheated and sneered after receiving what she calls “aggressive and rude negative feedback” on her takeout orders.

The customer, Fran Lawrence, says the staff made fun of her for ordering large quantities and had a sarcastic tone.

Greasy spots with a rough note

At Lawrence’s request, there were two pieces of paper with grease stains on the food.

In one of the notes the following was written:

“This huge request was really inconvenient. Go somewhere else next time. Love you so much, xoxo.”

On the other hand, the wording was on the same street, with corresponding greasy stains on it:

“Hi! Why such a big request? Wrapped in love of course. Greetings, HJ.”

I got rude reviews in the food: -tasteless

Now, Lawrence has taken to Twitter out of frustration.

“Well, that doesn’t look good, Hungry Jack. Pretend your people at Claremont don’t like big orders.” You write on the picture of greasy notes.

– This is tasteless, as you say in the comments section.

Hungry Jax answers

The post gained traction, and several other Hungry Jacks customers shared similar experiences.

“I got the same lame message when I ordered two bacon from the app”Someone writes.

“Given how passive-aggressive these letters are written, I would think twice before eating the food they cook. Full of love, you kinda!”, pAnother cries.

A fourth person claims that there must be innocent teenage fun behind it. The person thinks Lawrence and the others in the comments section should “take a bowl and laugh at it.”

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The Twitter post was quickly spotted by Hungry Jack’s official user account:

“We are sorry that you encountered this. Contact our customer service so we can assist you as soon as possible.” He reads the message from the restaurant.

The burger chain also wrote a public statement on its own account. There they reported that they are investigating the incident, and that they apologized to the customer, Follow the newspaper 7 News.

bang for the chain

Labi’s accident comes a few weeks after an accident The Hungry Jack’s has been vandalized by a group of local youth.

The restaurant in question took action in the wake of the uproar: According to 7 News, staff put up a sign stating that staff refused to serve anyone under 17 – unaccompanied by a guardian.

However, at the time of this writing, the restaurant has removed the sign, counting on the guests’ disposition. Now it only applies to the burger chain whose employees also stay on the rug.

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