The central party will change the EEA agreement a little bit

The central party will change the EEA agreement a little bit

Says the role in an interview Class struggle On Saturday he will upgrade Norway’s agreements with Europe, but not until the best one is found by concluding the EEA agreement.

Several business owners appeared in various media and said they were concerned about the central party’s policy. The role believes that this is the election campaign game of the Conservatives and that there is no reason to panic.

– Interested business owners can take it easy. Relax, says SP chief Klasekamben.

– We will not risk anything. What we want is to improve the agreements that Norway has with Europe. For example, we believe that Norway should not join the EU energy company or accept the EU’s fourth railway package. The role says that Norway has been very inactive in meeting the EU for many years.


The EEA agreement came into force in 1994 and makes us a part of the European market, just like the member states of the European Union.

– We will put forward more demands and improve the agreements, we will not accept only coming blindly from Europe, says Vedam.

Also in working life policy, he believes that the Bible, which came from the EU, has become more widely accepted over time in Norway, and that a new government should use the room to maneuver to say no to the EU-adopted working life rules.

– Turn the jacket over after the wind

Both conservatives and liberals react to impersonation statements. According to Liberal Party vice-president Sveinung Rotevatn, the SP leader is attacking an international agreement protecting thousands of Norwegian jobs.

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– The following picture shows the strategy of the role for European cooperation: he went from burning down the house, instead knocking down the board with the board, Rodeo tells NTP.

According to District and Digitalization Minister Linda Hofstadt Highland (H), the role is now back in the air.

Cornerstone companies in the district Norway went to the media and shouted warnings about the role preference for removing the EEA. Today, in a familiar style, he turns his dress after the wind. Now he is also going against his own party. He could not say loud and clear that the EEA agreement should end, although he writes that his party is running in the election. Facebook.

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