The Chairman of the LO shall preside over the election of the Ap Chiefs

The Chairman of the LO shall preside over the election of the Ap Chiefs
Leadership to be elected: Peggy Hessen Følsvik will lead Ap’s election committee ahead of the national assembly in May.

LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik was appointed by Ap’s central board on Tuesday as head of the election committee at Ap’s national meeting in May.

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– I am very pleased that LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik has agreed to chair the Labor Party’s election committee. It is an important job and I am sure he will handle it safely and conscientiously, Storr tells VG after the central government appointed the election committee on Tuesday.

The election committee will nominate the leadership post at the party’s national meeting in May.

He adds:

– I am very satisfied with the Central Board’s recommendation to the Full Election Committee, which I believe reflects the breadth we have in the Labor Party.

Thank you Følsvik for your trust.

– I am happy with this system. A strong central government and strong party leadership are absolutely essential for the success of the government program, building the party and delivering good policy delivery. Building up a team to lead the party with people from all over the country is an exciting challenge, says LO leader Becky Hessen Folsvik, in the run up to crucial municipal elections in the autumn.

There has been speculation that Ap’s parliamentary leader, Rigmor Aasrud, will become head of the election committee, but Ap’s central committee is returning to the idea that it is the LO leader who will lead the important group in Ap.

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After the death of LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen, Aaserudt stepped in as head of the electoral committee in 2021.

The big question is whether there will be one or more changes in management.

Says Yes: Folsvik thanks you for your trust.

Storr has indicated he is willing to go back to two vice presidents. Education Minister Tonje Brenna is the clear favorite to become vice president alongside Bjørnar Skjæran.

There are those who believe there should be more alternatives. With about 15 percent support, a debate on that could be brought forward. But with about 20 percent of the readings, it is thought that it will only end in them putting in a new vice president.

Another point of tension is whether former vice-president Hadiya Tajik can become a member of Ap’s central committee.

After all the sun signs, store is secured in the coming national gathering.

But the selection committee will decide. They begin their work after the Labour’s National Board considers the Central Board’s recommendations in February. After that the Election Commission will function till the National Assembly in May.


– Membership democracy is one of the best things about our party and the electoral committee stands out for doing an important job on behalf of all of us, says party secretary Gersti Stenseng on Labour’s central nomination. Committee for Election Committee this year.

He points out that the appointment to the Election Committee is based on the input of the district parties and there is particular importance in finding a good balance of gender, geography and experience from different parts of the party.

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– The Central Committee of the Labor Party should represent the breadth of our party and will be an important part of the work of the Electoral Committee. The broader labor movement in Norway would not be complete without the trade union movement, and these ties are strong, which is why I am so glad that the LO leader wants to take this important position, says Stenseng.

This is the fourth National Assembly where the LO President has been appointed as the Chairman of the Election Committee.

The project will now go to the National Board, which will set up the Election Commission. The Election Commission will propose the central committee and leadership for the 69th Ordinary National Conference of the Labor Party on 4-6. May 2023 at Folkets Hus in Oslo.

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