The church has room for everyone – happy pride!

The church has room for everyone - happy pride!

On weekends I was walking along with my husband at Dyrsku’n. Then it hit me again – I really take it for granted that I can go that way, without throwing the comments at me.

I Want to Have Church in Greenland Pride: God loves all people and I believe He created us our way, whether He loves boys or girls or both or both, writes Siri Selvetet Danielsen in this reader’s post.
picture: Heidi Eustus Eriksen

If I were in the city, I had no reason to fear being harassed or, in the worst case, subjected to violence, just because I was walking side by side with my husband.

But I have friends and acquaintances who are yelled at, spit on and hurled at. And I have friends and acquaintances who have experienced having to run to avoid getting hit and who have experienced violence – just because they like someone of the same sex.

And I have Christian friends and acquaintances who, because of their orientation, can hear things from other Christians that I don’t even want to reproduce here because I think there are interesting things to say.

And all this I can no longer stand and watch it happen without raising my voice now!!

That’s why next Saturday at 1pm I’ll be participating in the Pride Parade for this week’s Greenland Pride event. This does not necessarily mean that I agree with everything that the FRI (which is the organizer behind this year’s Greenland Pride) stands for. But I do it because I want to convey what I believe: God loves all people and I believe He created us our way, whether you like boys or girls or both or not.

I want to go on the Pride Parade to show support for young and old, known and unknown, both outside the closet and those who don’t dare come out of the closet (yet?). Because I believe that everyone deserves to be recognized for what they are, without anyone else saying that what they feel and experience is wrong or not right, and that they should be allowed to go hand in hand with exactly whom they want, without which they should be yelled at and spit on harassing them and fearing what they might be exposed to.

I work as a solar worker at the Church of Norway in Skåne and this year I will be participating as a private person in the show. In many places around Norway the Norwegian Church, in several places also with other congregations and churches, stood with its own emblem during various Pride parades, including in Oslo, Bergen, Kristiansand, Hogesund, Hamar and Bodø. Along with many of my colleagues here in Greenland, I have a desire to be able to stand behind the motto of our Church in Pride here in Greenland next year!

The text was first published on Siri Seltveit Danielsen’s Facebook page, and is reproduced in Varden with her permission.

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