The coffin is spreading rapidly: – “Everyone” at the funeral was shocked

The coffin is spreading rapidly: – “Everyone” at the funeral was shocked

When Mary Stokes Martin (86 years old) was to be buried, she shocked both the priest and those present with this sensational coffin.

This is what the news agency Kennedy News and Media wrote.

The huge interest in M ​​& M candies came when my grandmother was still working, working as a teacher at a school in Snowflake in the US state of Arizona.

part of the personality

Cindy Roundtree’s daughter, 86, says it was the students who gave her the nickname M&M-dama, because the initials MSM looked like M&M’s.

– The next day you did not wake up

– When initialed in italics, MSM sounds like M&M. When she signed the student papers, they called her M&M and bought her M&M toys.

The daughter says that the surname has become part of her mother’s character. In fact, Mary had an entire room full of M&M items.

– She had over 1,000 M&M’s in one of her rooms. For her 65th birthday, she got a huge blue M&M from the store. She says this was the inspiration for the coffin.


Mary learned to make coffins from a fellow teacher. She designed her own coffin, in the shape of a giant blue M&M, and built it with the help of her son, who is a carpenter.

– One day she said: “I want you to make my coffin,” says Cindy.

Lips parted: - Very strange

Lips parted: – Very strange

The coffin was made in secret, according to Mary’s apparent design plans. She also placed pillows inside the coffin, where she would finally rest.

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– When he finished, I smiled from ear to ear. The daughter says it has been hidden in a box in her living room for four years.

Recently, the 86-year-old man, without knowing it, was suffering from stomach cancer. She died on February 9 of this year after her intestines burst. Although she underwent surgery, she died from blood poisoning.

– He’s never seen anything like it

On February 18 of this year, she was ready for Mary’s funeral. Family members appeared wearing M&M outfits of different colours.

A vegan cafe that sells bacon: - called abusive

A vegan cafe that sells bacon: – called abusive

Mary’s grandson, Scott Roundtree, 28, was involved A video clip on TikTok From the event: “Grandma, my heart. Now you may rest in peace. PS: You were absolutely right, we love your coffin!”.

Investigation: Brazilian police got a surprise when they stopped a car during a routine check on November 9. Video: Cameron. Reporter: Maja Wahlberg-Cliff.
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“Grandma M&M” is described as kind and considerate to both friends and family.

– When the undertaker saw the coffin he said, ‘I thought I saw it all. Now I have it!’ He said he had never seen anything like it in all his time as a funeral director, says his daughter.

She says the family was gathered around the coffin as it was lowered into the ground, when a grandson pointed out that something was missing:

– I wish we had M&M’s to put on the coffin.

– surprising

By chance, someone brought two large bags of chocolate balls with them. Each child was given a handful of M&M’s to put in the coffin.

It's crazy that she can drive a car

It’s crazy that she can drive a car

The funky funeral video has now been watched by more than 9.2 million people.

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– I probably thought about a thousand people would like it, but the video went all over the world. It was absolutely incredible! Mom will never believe us!

flash mob: A Bristol dance troupe surprised a mob at the 65-year-old’s funeral. It was the late Sandy Wood who was said to have planned the surprise for friends and family months in advance.
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Reactions did not last:

– amazing! Her breasts are so amazing! My condolences to you and your family and all her loved ones someone writes.

– It shone today

– That’s incredible! Unfortunately, we are taught that we should all be buried in an ordinary coffin. This is personal and beautiful, writes another.

And the third is more skeptical about the whole thing:

I was going to turn off the light: - I snapped

I was going to turn off the light: – I snapped

– I have mixed feelings about this.

Cindy says many of Mary’s former students attended the funeral. She describes her mom as “the center of the party,” who always keeps up with everyone – kids and grandkids alike.

Her M&M coffin brightened up an awful day. It helped us feel joy next to sadness. She says it was the most exciting funeral she has ever attended.

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