The comment after the fatal accident sparked outrage

The comment after the fatal accident sparked outrage

On May 18, Polish sport climber Kasper Tekeli was found dead after an accident in the Swiss Alps.

He was married to former cross-country skiing star Justyna Kowalczyk-Tekieli.

– It was everything for me, she wrote in an Instagram post.

Tekele was 38 years old and the accident occurred after an avalanche on a trek in the mountains.

– I made a mistake

Then, a Polish climbing legend, Krzysztof Wielicki, came up with another quote fact Which did not fall on good soil in the motherland.

– There’s an old saying that goes, “It’s not the mountains that kill, it’s the people who make mistakes,” Willecki said.

– Just going to the mountains is dangerous. Unfortunately, Kacper probably made a mistake, he crossed the slope with his skis, he continued.

The statements were met with strong protests, according to the Polish newspaper Gazeta Weborcza.

They write that the mountaineers contradict the version and believe that Tekele had a special backpack and pillows made to avoid avalanches.

Wielicki later regretted it and gave a new interview to Fakt.

– I apologize because my assumptions about the causes of the Kasper Tekele accident were unjustified and as a result of the lack of full knowledge of the accident, as stated in the statement.

– Having received it is considered misfortune, an accident that could have happened to anyone, lasting 73 years.

Furthermore, Willecki wrote that he would apologize to Justina if she was offended.

Married to Bjorn’s rival

Tekele was a famous sport climber. In 2019 he won the Piolets d’Or, also known as the Golden Ice Axe, for climbing a new route to Snøvasskjerdingan in Sunndalen in More og Romsdal.

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Tekele married longtime rival Marit Bjorgen in 2020 and together they have a son, Hugo.

– A very sad message to receive. I send my deepest condolences in the grief and loss of Justina and her family, Bjørgen wrote in a short text message to The daily newspaper.

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