June 9, 2023


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The company’s rude reaction caused an uproar

Meteorologist Marc Beau and his wife recently spent their honeymoon in Ibiza and were looking forward to enjoying the view as they flew over their holiday paradise.

There was only one problem with the seats they requested: the row they sat in had no window.

When Bowe discovered the defect, he took to Twitter to complain about Ryanair.

– Click on the tag with this flight booking. On our way to Ibiza for the first time – on our honeymoon – and we can’t wait to experience the view on the way! Oh…wait…hey, Ryanair, write a boo.

I had to ski off a Ryanair flight

In addition, he attached a picture of him and his wife in the “window seat”.

– Your days are numbered

The next day they received an answer. The airline shared Bowe’s post, along with the following text:

“She regrets marrying someone who can’t read the fine print,” they wrote.

Feedback was not long in coming.

– very funny! Ryanair employee: Your days are numbered, write one down.

And Ryanair strikes again.

– Such a marriage, replies the Ryanair representative.

The company continues to respond with rudeness in the comments section. Plus, they added a clever twist to their Twitter description: “We sell seats, not windows.”

Shock Price: - Absolutely savage

Shock Price: – Absolutely savage

He laughs at the response

At the time of writing, the post has 7.7 million views and 27,000 likes.

Fortunately, the main characters themselves, Mark and his wife, treat the airline’s pranks with good humor. to The Independent Bowe says they were shocked by the response.

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– I love Ryanair and travel with them all the time. He says the staff is always very nice.

—but of all the possible trips, the honeymoon we were about to end was without a window seat. Neither of us have been to Ibiza before, and we were actually looking forward to seeing the view on the way, Boo continues.