June 10, 2023


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The contestant of “Love is Blind” Irina Solomonova looks steadfast

Last month, the fourth season of “Love Is Blind” premiered on Netflix.

The series involves participants getting to know each other from opposite sides of a wall. If the chemistry is right, they can choose to get engaged — without ever seeing each other. The series follows couples on their way to the altar.

This is how it goes with couples

Among the participants this year we find Irina Solomonova (26).

During the first episodes of the dating series, the 26-year-old can be seen mocking several posts. According to the report, participant Zach Goytowski should also have been screened BuzzFeed.

Exciting series: After the success of the reality shows “The Circle” and “Love is Blind”, Netflix is ​​creating a new concept of love; “Too hot to work.” And that looks totally sick! Video: Netflix / Red Runner
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Solomonava’s behavior in the episodes caused many viewers to react. on reddit Among other things, she has been referred to as a “bully”.

On Monday, Solomonova took to Instagram to apologize for her behavior on the series.

– The first thing I want to say is that I especially apologize to the people I hurt, she says in the video and adds:

Netflix Duo Split After Triangle Drama

Netflix Duo Split After Triangle Drama

-Secondly, I want to say I’m so sorry that viewers were disappointed, angry and hurt by the way I treated people in the series – it was so immature and naive of me.

slaughter: A person in the reality series “Love is Blind” allowed a dog to drink wine, and several users reacted on Twitter. Reporter: Christian Weisz. Video: Scanpix / Twitter: @netflixUS / trailer: “Love is blind.”
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Furthermore, you make it clear that none of these people deserve to be treated the way you treated them.

Admits treason: - I was selfish

Admits treason: – I was selfish

The 26-year-old also notes that she is still processing everything that happened and working on becoming the person she wants to be.

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“I hope one day I will have a chance to share my side of the story and what happened to me emotionally during this situation,” she concludes.