The cross-country director’s contract with Corona-Norway tightened sharply ahead of the new race weekend

The cross-country director's contract with Corona-Norway tightened sharply ahead of the new race weekend
INJURY: Cross-country coach Espen Bervig, here during the World Cup in Lillehammer last weekend.

Espen Biervig (50) Cross Country Games Director of VG has confirmed to VG that he has Covid. He has mild symptoms. But now campers across the country are back to the measures they took during the worst of the pandemic.


– I felt something was grumbling in my body on Tuesday. Then I took the test. That was positive. This means that the World Cup weekend in Betostolen is already over for me, Bjervig tells VG.

The cross country coach’s injury comes just days after the World Cup ended in Lillehammer.

The question is whether it infected others. Because as a senior manager in cross-country skiing, he naturally had a lot to do with all the athletes.

Fortunately, no one else has tested positive in Lillehammer. Looks like we just saved with me, says the cross-country manager.

Ebba Andersson, here during the World Cup in Lillehammer. A short time later, she had a positive corona test.

Before, Swedish figure skating star Ebba Andersson was known to have been Positive corona test after competition in Norway.

Norway is now taking aggressive action ahead of the World Cup on home soil this weekend. Then you wait three spaces in Beitostølen.

– We’ve tightened up a bit. We’re almost back to where we were when the pandemic was at its worst, Bervig says.

It lists the following actions that will now take place next weekend:

  • The performers are taken to the apartments.
  • There they offer “self catering”. This means that they cook all the food themselves
  • There is practically no activity inside the hotel in Beitostølen. They don’t touch the buffets
  • They all have their own bedrooms
  • Elite athletes are not permitted in the oiling trailer accommodation area unless they are competing themselves
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– We are now trying to reduce the risks as much as possible and also go skiing. In addition, we are more careful about wearing a mask and washing our hands. It matters now. We see athletes who get it off for two or three weeks. It’s crucial in the times we live in, Bjervig says.

Not back yet: Ragnhild Haga, here during the national cross-country opening in Beitostølen. The next day, she was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The virus has already ruined the first weeks of the season for many national team runners.

Harald Østberg Amundsen tested positive for Corona at the beginning of November. More than a month has passed. Just this weekend he will compete in his first World Cup tournament of the season.

During the national cross-country opening in Beitostølen just over a month ago, Ragnhild Haga was diagnosed with coronavirus. Later also test the women’s national team Marte Skanes tested positive for coronavirus.

The duo from the women’s national team has not yet participated in the 2022/2023 World Cup.


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