The cycle of violence in Sweden – worrying

The cycle of violence in Sweden - worrying

A young man was killed, Friday evening, by a bullet in the Rona district of Södertälje in Sweden. Saturday night, history repeats itself. A man in his forties was killed near a school in the area.

The shooting is the fourth in just one week in Södertälje and the police are now sounding the alarm.

– What we see now in Södertälje is a cycle of violence that we have not seen for a long time. It’s of course worrying, and we’re doing everything we can to catch the culprits, says Caroline Aspgren, police district manager for Swedish TV4.

– More and more younger offenders

Police have arrested four people in connection with Friday’s killing of the young man, but have not yet arrested the culprit in connection with Saturday’s shooting.

to me pass According to the sources, there were explosions in the area indicating the use of automatic weapons, and the police opened an investigation into a murder.

Aspgreen says the trend of what she calls “brutal gun violence” is worrying.

We’re seeing more and more younger offenders, younger people being drawn to crime and other types of mindless violence than we’ve seen before, Aspegren tells Expressen.

Södertälje is a city not far outside of Stockholm with a population of about 75,000.

– The struggle between gangs

Aftonbladet The newspaper’s sources said the man who was killed on Friday was linked to the gang’s environment. According to local newspaper LT, unrest is spreading in Rona, an area that Swedish police classify as “extremely vulnerable”.

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A local newspaper wrote that the murders were linked to a dispute between two gangs in the area. The police have not yet confirmed the possibility of linking the shootings to criminal circles. They cannot confirm whether the two incidents can be linked.

This is, of course, one of the hypotheses that we are looking at. It’s a bit too early to say right now, but it’s of course something we’re looking for, Aspgren tells Aftonbladet.

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Bring reinforcements

Aftonbladet writes that the police in Södertälje are now bringing in reinforcements and there are big cordons in the whole area.

– We will receive reinforcements from the entire Stockholm region and after that we will also receive investigative reinforcements from the Rexoperativa Division. So we’ll get regional and national support to investigate these crimes, Aspgreen said.

The man in his forties who died on Saturday is the 50th person to have been shot dead in Sweden so far this year. The September 15 police update said that at the time, it had recorded 289 shooting incidents in the country in 2022.

Gang crime has become a hot political topic in the country and prompted Sweden to move in the direction of an increasingly tough criminal policy.

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