The danger of nuclear war exists again

The danger of nuclear war exists again

On Monday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sounded the alarm that Russia had increased its nuclear readiness.

He described it at a press conference as a “terrible development.”

He also says that the potential for conflict related to nuclear weapons exists again, he writes Reuters.

“It is time to stop the horrific attacks on Ukraine and return to diplomacy and peace,” Guterres said.

Missing power: Once again, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant will be without electricity. Photo: AP/NTB

peace demands

The UN Secretary-General says he has been in close contact with leaders of a number of countries regarding the war, including China, India, Turkey and France.

The demand for peace must be heard. This tragedy must stop. It is not too late for diplomacy and dialogue.

– We need peace, peace for the people of Ukraine and peace in the world. Guterres says: We need peace now.

Russia increased its nuclear readiness and mentioned nuclear weapons in threats to the West in connection with the war in Ukraine.

Regarding the war, there was a fear that Russia, under pressure from the Ukrainian resistance and Western arms supplies, would use nuclear weapons on the battlefield in Ukraine.

nuclear safety

There were also fears of a nuclear accident if missiles hit nuclear reactors in Ukraine.

The integrity of these facilities must be maintained, says Guterres.

This is how radioactive material can come to Norway from Ukraine

The International Atomic Energy Agency lost contact with two nuclear power plants in Ukraine as a result of the war. It was the plant in Chernobyl that lost its power. The second, the largest in Europe, is located in Zaporizhia.

Both nuclear reactors are under the control of Russian forces.

Russia and Ukraine have promised the IAEA to protect Ukraine’s nuclear safety.

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