The Danish Data Protection Authority is investigating the leak from a law firm – E24

The Danish Data Protection Authority is investigating the leak from a law firm – E24

Information about 400 people is incorrect. Kwale Advocatefirma will have to pay.

Flair lawyer: Stine Snerdingdalen, a partner and attorney at Kvale Advokatfirma, is the administrator of Flair’s estate after it went bankrupt earlier this year.
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The Danish Data Protection Authority is handling the case following the leak of personal information of more than 400 former employees of bankrupt airline Flair.

“The status of the case is that it is still under investigation. So at this time we can’t say anything more about what the reaction will be from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority,” the journalist contacted Anders Ballangrud at the Data Protection Authority.

Ballangurut says the inspectorate receives the necessary information, conducts investigations and finally takes a decision.

It is not yet known what decision will be made.

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One of the inspectorate’s possible forms of reaction is an infringement fee, which means that Quale Advocatefirma agrees to pay a set amount.

The Inspectorate’s inquiries come after the announcement of the defection and E24’s coverage of the matter.

One of the bankruptcy estate’s hired advisors shared the information incorrectly via email. This happened in March this year due to human failure.

Information includes salary, holiday pay, pension and absence.

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The police refused

E24 has been granted access to correspondence between the Oslo Police District and the Norwegian Data Protection Authority regarding the case.

It appears from the letter that the police registered a case and conducted an investigation. It also appears that a total of 16 complaints were received before the police were called.

“The police have decided that the cases will be dropped based on the fact that the cases have been transferred to the administrative agency,” Karian Kaibo Nestland, police prosecutor in the Oslo Police District, tells E24.

Nestland explains that the police negotiated with a staff representative. They agreed not to send further reports until the police had an answer about what the Norwegian Data Protection Authority was doing in the case.

Trustee Stine Snortingdalen says Flair’s bankruptcy estate submitted a detailed report to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority shortly after the incident.

“Apart from this, we have no idea”, says Snertingdalen.

He lost his job

When E24 discussed the case earlier this year, Snerdingdalen said the incident was discovered quickly and the estate immediately began steps to get a fuller overview. For them, it was important that the incident was dealt with by the book. Collaborated with professionals who assisted in the estate process.

The leak was related to the processing of applications for coverage under the State Wage Guarantee Scheme. The estate had several crores of kroner in wage demands for employees.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has the option to react by issuing a fine or reprimand. The response depends on what happened, why it happened, what steps have been taken and what they are doing to ensure that something similar does not happen again.

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Malgorzata Sindeka, associate professor at the University of Bergen, responded by including information about the lack of leakage. This can be important information about health conditions and can make the matter more serious in that regard.

More than 400 employees lost their jobs when Flyr went bankrupt last winter. Other airlines asked former flyers to apply for jobs with them.

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