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Kunstverket Flokk og følge på Stord sjukeheim

– A little woman who thinks while standing in the sheepfold. Ho heater “thinkers”.

Says car artist Ingri Ekberg.

On Friday, he went to Stort Hospital to assess the damage to the goat, which had an electric door opening fitted in the middle of its face.

This created an enormous commitment after the newspaper Sunnhordland revealed What happened to it in one part of the artwork “Flock and Follow”.

“Stupid or naughty”

The artist grabbed the artisans and others by the neck when he told the newspaper that the founder of the door opener must be “stupid or naughty”.

I was angry and thought I had done it badly. Then I became a little stronger in language usage and faster in turn. Things like this happen, but I think the door opening space was striking in the middle of the sheep.

Vision: Ingri Ekeberg suffered injuries to his eyes on Friday. – It’s better than fear.

Photo: Eli Pigeland / NRK

– Did not see the singers, he flipped the switch

Stord Municipality calls the unfortunate installation an accident, which was not done intentionally.

– The person who fitted the switch, may have been too close to the wall, he did not see what it was. தலைவர்yvind Dahl, project leader for the hospital’s reconstruction, says this was not done intentionally.

He says there are clear requirements for how far away the door should be and that he will follow the guidelines based on the fitter in the outdoor company.

– Are you surprised at all the reactions?

– At the highest degree. This will never happen again in the plan I rent.

Damage to part of the artwork flock and entourage

HOL: Traces visible after opening a door in the middle of a sheepfold.

Photo: Eli Pigeland / NRK

Need to repaint the wall

The sheep and goats on the entrance wall are part of the “herd and entourage” artwork.

The main area is home to 25 sheep in Plexiglas, which hung from the roof inside Stord Hospital.

In 2005, the municipality reported that 128,675 wives were employed for full employment.

The door opening has already been moved further into the wall. Now the sheep are told to repair the damage to the sheep.

– Then we have to put the bottle and paint on the wall again, and then we paint the sheep again. Ekeberg says maybe he should have a friend too.

– It’s important and obvious that we’re fixing this work, ” says Rockenhill Tweet, cultural adviser at Stord Municipality.

Herd and entourage of Ingri Ekberg

Sheep paper: Most of the artwork hangs from the roof inside the hospital.

Photo: Stord Municipality

– Many frustrated artists

Ingri Ekeberg says the case of the sheep in the store is not unique.

– There are many such cases. It is not always favorable to take good care of art in such things as renovation.

– I have heard of many artists who are utterly frustrated.

He is pleased with the way the Stord municipality has handled the damage to his artwork. He and cultural adviser Rockenhill Tweed both hope to start repairing the damage in the summer.

Rockenhill tweeted

Correction: Cultural consultant Rockhnhill tweets that it is important and transparent for the Stord municipality to repair the damage to the sheep.

Photo: Eli Pigeland / NRK

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