The dream of Pentecost predicts: – up to 30 degrees!

The dream of Pentecost predicts: – up to 30 degrees!

May’s Red Day bonanza continues next week with another long weekend. If we believe the forecasts of meteorologists, we (in the South and East) can only be happy.

– Some predictors believe that Pentecost will eventually begin to approach in the 30s. It could get a lot warmer, says Bente Wall of the Meteorological Institute.

But rarely does everyone in our long country get the same good weather outlook. It still applies.

– Southern and Eastern Norway will no doubt have better weather overall this week.

Summer heat: In southern and eastern Norway, summer heat continues almost every day until Whitsun, and temperatures can reach 30 degrees. But the temperature of the bath is still not bad. Photo: Pete Oma Dahle / NTP
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Apart from slightly lower temperatures on a few days mid-week and a gray weather day on Tuesday, it will be mostly sun and blue skies until Whitsunday. A meteorologist believes that a small drop in temperature will not feel good with a lot of sun.

Flood risk: - Be prepared

Flood risk: – Be prepared

A good start across the country

However, there is bad weather news for northern Norway and central Norway. But let’s start with the good stuff:

– Monday will be a good day for Northern Norway. They don’t have very good weather, but the temperature can be very high, Wahl says.

In Tromsø, temperatures can reach 17-18 degrees – or even higher.

– It can quickly get up to 20 degrees in the north.

At a swimming pool in Krabi, many people gathered for a quiet swim. It didn’t turn out that way. Video: Cameran. Correspondent: Bjørge Dahle Johansen / Dagbladet TV
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It will also be good in central Norway, for example in Trøndelag where the temperature can reach 25 degrees.

Much of the same weather has prevailed across the country earlier in the week, and Wahl says it will be fine, warm and fine across the country.

– Terrible

But then something happens. A strong low pressure can cause strong cooling in the summer atmosphere in the north.

– From Wednesday/Thursday there will be a lot of wind and rain in Northern Norway and Central Norway. There may be snow again in the mountains and it looks very bad, the meteorologist adds:

– So enjoy the day.

A storm has hit Italy for the second time in a week.
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After a good start to the coming week, forecasters predict that it will be significantly colder in western Norway throughout the week.

South of Stadt, the weather is a bit “on on” with occasional showers.

– This is how it will be in Bergen, for example, before the end of Whitsun it looks good again. Then there are chances of good weather and it will be warm again.

However, in the north, it will be cold until Whitsun, the weatherman says.

Heat wave warning

Heat wave warning


Wahl also cannot rule out a thunderstorm warning early next week.

Thunderstorms are possible, especially Monday afternoon and Tuesday.

– Thunderstorms are possible on Monday afternoon, especially in southern and eastern Norway. For now, there are small areas of lightning and thunder, and the rain is not that powerful, but we can’t rule out a warning if that changes, says Wahl.

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