The Duchess working on TV when she was ‘Meghan Markle’:

The Duchess working on TV when she was 'Meghan Markle':
DOCHES: Meghan, here outside Windsor Castle in September after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Duchess Meghan, 41, looks back at previous TV stunts.


Duchess Meghan launched the podcast ‘Originals’archetypes, trans Norwegian, Editor’s note)” in August. She then explained that the goal was to deal with “marks and patterns that try to constrain women And put them in the stalls».

in Tuesday episode American Meghan, whose last name was Markle, remembers going back to 2006. Then she was one of 25 women’s bag carriers in the game show “Deal or No Deal”.

– That was for me Fascinatingthe Duchess says about the concept created too In the Norwegian version On TV 2 at the same time.

– I studied acting, and like many other women with whom I shared the stage, I wanted to be an actress. So even though “Deal and No Deal” wasn’t about acting, I was really grateful. She explains to me getting a paid job while I go to auditions.

Married to a married couple: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry in the Netherlands in April.

Megan notes that as an employee she was part of a union, and had health insurance and other benefits.

– It was amazing! But still – she studied international relations in college, Megan says and told how she traveled at the time from embassy to embassy abroad and “was especially appreciated because of her brains.”

– But here you appreciate it a hero On the contrary, Meghan says and describes how she’s shaped, groomed, and beautified with the other bag hostesses right up to their fingertips before each broadcast.

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It was all about beauty, not necessarily about brains, says the Duchess.

She decided to leave the TV show because it made her feel objective and unintelligent. Megan explains that the other baggage handlers were also smart women, but it only speaks for itself.

—I cut it short in that archetype, Megan says before providing an audio clip of New York reporter Claire Malone, speaking for the term bimbo.

Malone says “bimbo” is a word “used to reduce a beautiful woman to someone who might be cheap or stupid.”

– This archetype of stupidity and blondness has taken root in the culture. How can we strip this away? Megan asks in the podcast.

2012: Meghan Markle, as she was then called, at a GQ party in Los Angeles – five years before she fell in love with Prince Harry.

the duchess retire as an actor In 2017. Then it was known that she would marry British Prince Harry (38 years old). At that time, Megan had a role in the TV series “Suits”.

Meghan, now a mother of two, hopes her daughter Lillipet (1) will be appreciated for her abilities rather than her looks.

– I want her to aim a little higher. Yes, I want Lily to get an education and pursue knowledge — and be proud of it, says Megan.

In every podcast episode, the Duchess speaks to other notable women. In the final episode, the sixth in a row, she has hotel heiress and reality star Paris Hilton (41) with her – a woman who also had to put up with being put in a booth because of her looks.

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– Today she knows herself as she wants, says the Duchess of her famous guest.

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