The Dysness man posted the dead goshawk in Finn. Then the police came to the door.

The Dysness man posted the dead goshawk in Finn.  Then the police came to the door.

He has now been fined NOK 15,000.

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– Interested in getting a koshak for stuffing and decoration? If so, I have the bird.

That’s how the man started last year’s Finn ad.

The reason he has a dead chicken hawk is because it got into his chicken coop in Tysnes.

About eating chicken

According to a recent ruling by the Haugaland and Sunnhordland district court, first reported by NRK, the hawk was about to eat the chicken it had killed. When the man stepped in to stop the hawk, it attacked.

The man killed the hawk.

The killing was legal because it took place during an ongoing attack on the chicken, the ruling said.

What is illegal is that the person possessed the hawk without notifying the police. The koshak has been protected in Norway since 1971 Norwegian Red List.

The police were informed about what happened. They went to the man’s door with a search warrant.

The man has now been fined NOK 15,000.

He said he did not know

He admitted the circumstances in court but denied any criminal wrongdoing. He explained that he did not know that the bird was protected, or that the killing should be reported to the police.

The court decides that the person acted negligently. The man posted a message on both Finn and Facebook.

– According to the court, he would not have done this if he had known the rules.

Judges still believe the man should have done more thorough investigations.

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