The Egg Crisis in the UK – E24

The Egg Crisis in the UK - E24

Avian influenza and rising costs mean there are fewer eggs on British grocery store shelves.

This is what it looked like on the shelves of eggs at a Tesco store in Ashford in Kent on Tuesday this week.
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The egg crisis in Great Britain caused many of the country’s large grocery chains to limit the quantity each customer could purchase.

Tesco and Lidl have introduced a temporary limit of three boxes per customer, while Asda, Marks & Spencer and Morrisons have set the limit at two, he writes. bloomberg. Ocado has limited 30 eggs per customer.

Avian influenza is one of the reasons Brits are suffering from eggless store shelves.

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According to you, Britain is battling the worst outbreak the country has ever seen Watchman. Farmers who run chickens off pasture have had to keep their animals indoors since November 7, and keep chickens away from wild birds to prevent the spread of the virus, he writes. Newspaper.

If infection was detected in a place, all the chickens there were killed, which contributed to fewer eggs being produced.

Growing costs for farmers are also causing problems.

Fodder is one of many things that have become more expensive in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Higher prices for things like electricity and fuel also increase costs for farmers. This means that some farmers have stopped producing eggs.

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The British Industry Organization of Free-range Egg Producers (BFREPA) believes producers’ pay is too thin given rising costs, and has warned that egg shortages are expected to continue until after Christmas.

– Many of our members lose money on every egg laid, and our data shows that even those with a small profit don’t see a long-term future, the organization writes. in the current situation earlier this month.

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