May 29, 2023


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The Elin Kjos training file is dead

Coaching glimpse: Swedish coaching personality Elaine Keuss passed away on Wednesday night.

Swedish fitness personality Elin Kjos dies (35). The family mentions this on Kjos’ Instagram account.


– It is with a heavy heart that we write this from Elin Instagram. Last night, our sweetheart Elaine fell asleep to the tune of Eva Cassidy, the family wrote the post.

Kjos became known by posting content about training on Instagram.

She was diagnosed with severe lung cancer three years ago. According to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet Went to get the exercise file to the doctor with a strong cough, a 22 cm tumor was discovered that was removed, but the cancer has metastasized.

The doctor’s judgment at the time was that the disease was incurable and treatment would only give her more time.

– The past 24 hours have passed quietly and she has been surrounded by family. The family continues to love her forever and the grief is endless.

Under the post, a number of Swedish profiles left a comment with the heart emoji, including artist Benjamin Ingrosso.

Kjos’s sister prays that the family will find peace at this difficult time.


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