The European Union believes that everyone should be compensated

The European Union believes that everyone should be compensated

This is six years ago dieseljetVolkswagen has been revealed to have installed software on a number of its models, meaning the cars were emitting less nitrogen oxides for a short period of time when they found out they were being measured.

Thus, they came on the right side of the emissions requirements, even though they actually released more nitrogen oxides than the lab reports showed.

EU pressure continues

However, the EU has not given in to this case and is now paying Volkswagen to provide compensation everybody Customers in the European Union area.

– It’s been six years since Dieselgate. To date, not all consumers have been compensated. There have been court decisions that have exposed Volkswagen’s unfair treatment of consumers, yet the automaker is not willing to cooperate with consumer organizations and find appropriate solutions for consumers. As I wrote to the company last year, all consumers should be compensated – not just those who live in Germany, he says Commissioner of Justice Didier Reynders.

reached a settlement

Volkswagen previously agreed to pay compensation to affected customers in Germany – in a settlement, 830 million euros were distributed to 235,000 car owners, which is about 35,000 crowns per customer. In the United States, the equivalent settlement was made in the amount of $ 15 billion distributed among 475,000 customers, or approximately 280,000 kroner each, according to E24. Also in Italy and the Netherlands, the company was recently ordered to pay damages, but it has been appealed, according to

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Volkswagen believes that compensation beyond what was offered is not necessary, as the cars were subsequently modified to meet emissions requirements.

– The company’s position has not changed despite recent decisions from the EU and national courts, which is why the Commission and EU consumer authorities are increasing the pressure, according to a statement from the EU Commission.

Volkswagen has set a production date for its latest petrol / diesel cars:

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