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The family had no idea what was hiding behind the wall

The family had no idea what was hiding behind the wall

Secret room

The family had no idea what was hiding behind the wall

Behind a hatch in an apartment on Røa in Oslo, a secret room hid. Inside, Vi Menn reporter Johnny Haglund made a startling discovery.

What if a stranger was watching you in your most private moments?

The show began on a fall evening in 2014. Johnny Haglund got a phone call from fellow caving enthusiast and firefighter Ronnie Arnesen:

– There is a hole in the wall in an apartment in Røa. The couple who live there wonder if we can check it out more closely.

The next evening, Haglund and Arnesen stood on the better western side of Oslo with lanterns on their heads.

Here is their story:

house in the dark

The couple pointed the way to a cabin in their apartment. Here there was a small hole in the wall.

– We only got a sneak peek here, but can you take a good look? asked the nice lady.

Ronnie had been crawling into narrow holes—above and under water—for decades, but it was the first time he had ever crawled into a hole in a block on Rua. squeeze through. I followed closely behind me.

On the other side of the wall of the warm, well-lit apartment, another world appeared. We climbed a few meters on the rock through a narrow, cold and dark path. A much larger room appeared in the darkness. We let the light sweep along the walls. Suddenly Ronnie exclaimed in surprise.

– Oh damn… Look at that!

In a corner of the room, on the same concrete slab on which the apartment’s living room was built, was a bed. Some clothes were scattered, a candle stood by the bed and a helmet hung on the wall. We found some old newspapers on the floor. The most recent one was less than ten years old.

Bedroom: Who slept on the mattress in the room behind the flat?  Perhaps the scribbles on the wall could give you a hint.
Bedrooms: Who slept on the mattresses in the room behind the apartment? Perhaps the scribbles on the wall could give you a hint.


– This building was built in the early 70’s. Rooney pointed out that this meant that this person, most likely a man to judge by clothes, also stayed here while people lived in the apartment.

A number of things have been written on the walls showing that the person who was here must have used the room for many years.

– In these times, one can doubt the people of Rome, Ronnie thought aloud.

But it is unlikely that the gypsies wrote Norwegian phrases on the wall.

– Rooney said everything indicated he was a Norwegian who had stayed here and shuddered a bit at the candles and some black marks that seemed to come from a lighter or something.

– indicated that a person could have burned the entire block.

Well-established residential area: The building where the unknown intruder lived is located within the apartments of the little-known families on Røa, Oslo.

The hatch is in the hallway

We crawled further into another hole and went down one floor. There was another hole in the ground. A ladder led us further downhill.

if a stranger has stayed here; How did this person get in and out of it?

We found the answer in the basement. Here we opened a wide hatch and looked straight into the stairs.

– So here’s the entrance, said Ronnie. I thought of the times when I was sure I had left something at home, but still couldn’t find it. Then I naturally thought “I should put it somewhere else, but I forgot where”.

But for those who have lived here now, and those who have lived here before, the reason for the disappearance of things could be something entirely different and much more frightening.

Because what if the stranger finds an entrance to the apartment and is there while the residents are at work, on vacation, or anywhere else?

Newspapers revealed: The newspapers left behind by the intruder revealed that he had lived there for a long time. The most recent newspapers were about ten years old, others much older.

foreign resident

Ronnie and I let our minds fly, and different Hollywood horror movies flashed through our minds. The difference was that this was the real thing. But after going through all the rooms, we found no other connections between the apartment and this room other than the hole in the cone. The couple made the apartment themselves during the renovations. but when?

The wife at home heard about a neighbor with a similar flat who had enlarged his hut because there was room behind a wall. She wanted to do the same and so she saw a hole in the wall inside the cone. This is how this secret room was discovered for the first time.

– said Ronnie – I wouldn’t be surprised if the lunatic who stayed here was inside the flat while the couple were out.

Because if you are able to walk into this room and spend the night on a bed just a few centimeters away from an unsuspecting family – you are certainly able to get into the apartment when they are gone too.

But why did he stay here? Maybe it was peeping, because through the wall I could hear the couple talking in the living room. I can actually eavesdrop on parts of the apartment.

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Narrow passages: on one side of the wall;  Warm, bright and pleasant apartments.  On the other hand;  A tight, messy place and a landing for unknown intruders.
Narrow passengers: On one side of the wall are warm, bright and pleasant apartments. On the other hand; A tight, messy place and a landing for unknown intruders.


There were also small cracks in several places on the walls. If I put my eyes closer, I can see the light on the other side. Was the secret inhabitant lying here watching the residents? If you look with a flashlight and a magnifying glass over all these square meters of plaster walls, will there be more and more visible cracks?

It doesn’t take several millimeters of cracks, or holes from a tiny drill bit, before the mad enough get to know the privacy of those on the other side of the wall. Or maybe it was someone who just needed a dry place to sleep in the winter and wasn’t interested in the neighbors?

When we crawled through the narrow hole in the cone and returned to the slightly shocked residents of the apartment, they let out a completely different interpretation:

– The man behind the wall is most likely a laborer who may have worked overtime when the block was built, as suggested by the man in the house. He wanted to wrap up the whole story with a veil of oblivion.

But how, then, did newspapers get there after more than 30 years?

The missing pump: On the wall in the room where the unknown man was sleeping hung a pump on the wall below Ronnie Arnesen (pictured) and it was my first visit. When I came back two years later, the pump was gone.

Ronnie, who’s been a D.C. firefighter his whole life, has seen and experienced the most amazing things humans can do, and he never had a doubt.

– People stayed here, even long after the building was built. He might not have been here in ten years. Or maybe he was here yesterday.

despite; Shortly after our visit, the couple moved in.

– We need more space, they claimed.

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The way down: The secret rooms were spread over several floors.

a lock

The new residents were of course informed about the mysterious room, but they didn’t put much into it. They left the room as it was. Until one evening the housewife is alone in the house.

“I heard voices from the room and I am convinced someone was here,” she said when she visited the apartment again almost two years later.

The man feared that someone might be inside their apartment while they were away.

– We didn’t take this seriously, he admitted, shaking his head in despair.

Because the hole in the cone inside their apartment has been open since they moved in.

“It was only after my wife had recently heard voices from the room that I discovered how easy it was to get in here,” said the man, and added:

– It’s actually very easy. The hatch was left open and unlocked. The person or people who knew about this room managed to sneak into our apartment unhindered only when it suited them.

The day after his wife’s unpleasant experience, he puts a large padlock on the hatch.

– Now no one comes here, he pretended and invited me for another round in the mysterious room.

play with fire In the ceiling on the floor below the room with the mattresses, the ceiling bears traces of someone playing with lighters or candles.

New French greetings

On the other side of the wall, everything was the same as when I was here with Ronnie.

Except for two small details.

– Was this on the wall when we were here the first time? asked the man’s wife, who also entered. She pointed to a sentence written in French in black marker on the plaster wall. I couldn’t remember seeing this. I didn’t have a picture of this particular section of the wall when I was first here two years ago, either.

Perhaps the reason is that there is nothing written there.

– Heck, that’s new, the couple thought.

Where’s the bike pump thing that was hanging on the wall when you were last here? Did you remove it? I asked.

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Lock removed: The new intruders had removed the hatch lock that led to the secret chambers.

Enough excitement

The couple looked at each other and shook their heads. The wife crawled back into the apartment, and her husband and I crawled down into the cellar where the hatch was sealed and sealed.

“Yes, nobody comes here anymore,” claimed the man, pushing the hatch door to make sure it was closed.

Then I opened the hatch.

Someone removed the lock, he muttered uncertainly. Who the hell could this be?

We crawled out of the hatch while the man was studying the hatch door and scratching his head anxiously

– Now everything needs to be closed and installed again… We are tired of the tension in Rua now.

This issue was first published on 07/20 2022, and last updated on 07/21 2022

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