The family in Christiansand found a shark in the room

The family in Christiansand found a shark in the room

When the Espejord Moseid family woke up on Tuesday morning, they got a big surprise.

Bambi (2), a cat, proudly shows his favorite night at the edge of the water in Antioch, Christianh.

Christianchand: – I woke up this morning and found a wet shark in the middle of the room floor, says Tyne Espjord Mosite with a smile. Friend of the motherland.

In other words, Tuesday was a very good start for Tyne and her husband, as well as for their six-year-old twins in Antioch, Christian County.

The mother, who lives in the same area, received an unusual phone call immediately at the Moritz branch in the morning.

– There’s a shark in the room!

The shark was wet and had clear nail marks. There is no mark on the mouth after fishing with the hook or after being damaged by the nets.

Since the well-known shark could not walk or fly, the family quickly realized that this must be the cat’s job. The property is also alert, so the only way is through the kitten in the basement.

The shark was wet and had the markings of claws when it was discovered by Tyne Espezor Mosite.

– A super hunter

The Mini Gate Bambi (almost two years old) was found dumped on the street when he was five weeks old, and was taken to the heat by the Espojite Mosite family.

– She’s a real super hunter, her Dine Espjord Mosite.

Bambi admires that the house is only a few meters from the water’s edge, and the family finds creatures from the sea after going cat hunting at night.

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– It likes to stand on the edge of the water and catch objects. We saw starfish lying in the living room before, but we never imagined a shark would appear, he says.

When the family tries to fish their luck off the ship outside the house, it usually ends in the coat, sea trout and mackerel.

When the Espejord Moseid family found the shark on the floor of the living room on Tuesday morning, the shark had clear nail marks.

Now all the signs are that the cat has got the first shark catch of the Bambi family.

– We are considering placing the shark in the anthill so that only the skeleton remains, we can take care of it as a memory, says Espjord Mosite when asked what to do with the dead shark.

The shark measured 40 cm in length.

– Did not receive a report from the living room floor

In connection with the incredible discovery of the living room floor in Antioch in Christiansand, Federlandsvennan was compelled to contact the Marine Research Institute for a comment.

That this is an investigation they have never encountered – no wonder.

– We get news from the public and sometimes from the media about seeing strange fish. We are very happy to hear about special species or other discoveries. But we did not receive a single report from the people in the living room, says Otte Pigeland, a researcher at the Marine Research Institute, with interest to F├Ždrelandsvennen.

He says the shark that ended up on the floor of Antoya’s living room was a soft shark with white spots.

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Race is rare in Norway.

– This species can get lost in shallow water, in this case it is undoubtedly a young individual, Bjelland concludes.

Madmore Tyne Espjord Mosite, Super Hunter Bambi and Night Shark Catch.
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