The farm, a duel | Hermann Herding outside “The Farm” after a dramatic duel:

The farm, a duel |  Hermann Herding outside "The Farm" after a dramatic duel:

Another participant had to leave this fall’s adventure for the farmer on Sunday.

After the most demanding week inside the Farmen so far, with no food from the market and ever-increasing competition, the participants really got to know the fight for survival.

But at the end of the week he is again ready to duel, and after 35-year-old Kåre Gunnar Bjøringsøy was selected as the first champion by big farmer Grethe Enlid (49) earlier this week, he chose Herman Herding (24) as his opponent. To duel on Sunday.

– I chose Hermann because I tested it as a very small resource on the farm. There was little work. Bjøringsøy told Nettavisen that he ran and just a vase

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I took tears

It was a very exciting duel between the two, when Herding chose the ax throw in which the branch had to fight.

Before that, both of them had been in the woods and practiced on the branch in question, and the two giants proved it during Sunday’s duel.

Both Bjøringsøy and Herding were affected by their throws, and followed each other with their first two throws.

But when he hit Bjøringsøy by four points on the last throw, while the grazing did not hit the target, the grazing had to finally realize that the battle had been lost and that it was his turn to leave the “Farmen”.

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Hearding told Nettavisen that for him it was really good that the result in the duel was what it was. He can reveal that he experienced stimulation in the last week of his stay on the farm, and really wanted to go home.

– I was starting to get bored, so I didn’t really want to go back to the farm anyway. I wanted to win the duel because I had a high competitive instinct, but at the same time I wanted to go home. It was a win-win situation, Herding tells Nettavizen and notes that he didn’t lose the duel on purpose.

However, what Reese did not know was that the plan was mainly for Bjøringsøy to leave the farm. Bjøringsøy had a very different goal than winning the Sunday night duel.

reveals a secret deal

When the victory became a reality, it was the heartbroken Bjøringsøy who realized he had to stay on the farm for at least another week. Then the tears came.

Hermann was not expected to be fired. He threw more axes than me. I don’t even have a competitive instinct, so I was ready to be honest. But then there are a lot of coincidences that come into play in my ax throwing, so it was really amazing to win, Björnsoy tells Netavizen.

The selection of Bjøringsøy as the first champion earlier this week was a special and surprising to many as it was senior farmer Grethe Enlid who was responsible for the selection. Bjøringsøy and Enlid established a good friendship within the farm, and Bjøringsøy was also one of her assistants on the farm that week.

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Now, however, Enlid can reveal to Netify the real reason behind the first-choice election. She and Bjøringsøy entered into a secret agreement prior to the elections.

– It was something Carrie and I agreed on because Kåre was tired and bored and had great motivational challenges the week I was a big farmer. So we agreed that he should be chosen as the number one champion, and thus the choice of his opponent, as Enlid reveals to Netavizen.

Bjøringsøy confirms to Nettavisen that he and Enlid have agreed to pick him as the first champion and then withdraw from the competition.

– It was a little ridiculous for Grethe to get past that. I was so bored and wanted to give up. I was too far away. Because of the food and energy, Kåre isn’t a fun thing to do, says Grethe. “I wanted to go home, but then I thought I could at least go home with a match first,” he told Nettavisen.

Although Bjøringsøy was initially ready to pack his bags and fly into 2021, he didn’t think it was unfair that he fired Herding who was initially on the farm.

– I think I needed that fight to get motivated. I got a real push to keep going after I won. I learned it again, and it was that fight that made me want to stay there longer. I thought it was better to get into a fight against him than to drive me out.

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