The father of the family with a warning: – – can have serious consequences

The father of the family with a warning: - - can have serious consequences

The father of the family tells us about a frightening experience at home in Romerke.

“Imagine if I had put the stove before I was born in the kindergarten and not caught the fire as early as I did,” he told the Nedre Romerike Fire and Rescue Service (NRBR).

He was working in the home office in the bedroom, when suddenly the fire alarm went off. He turned and saw that the heater was on.

The owner carried the stove out of the room and threw it on a snow-covered balcony. When the burning continued, he picked up the powder machine to put out the flames, he says.

You can do it yourself!

warn others

The son had played with a rubber bowl, stuffing pieces of it between the grooves in the furnace. In the end, the rubber pieces caught fire.

Now the father of the family warns others:

– Don’t go by bulk heaters, he says.

Photo: Nedre Romerike Fire and Rescue Service.

Photo: Nedre Romerike Fire and Rescue Service.
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He wants his story to help people understand how important it is to have smoke alarms and fire alarms in every room.

– Thanks to the whistleblower in the bedroom, I was notified very quickly about the fire. This, which fortunately remained a tragic accident, could have had dire consequences, says the father.

The homeowner has an alarm system for a security company, called NRBR, to verify that the fire has been put out and that the homeowner has not inhaled smoke.

When the fire brigade arrived at the house, the owner had already put out the fire, fortunately the fire damage was limited to the heater.

Oven dishwasher: The trick is highly effective against frozen cooking fats! Photo: Lynne Merritt-Rogno.
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The owner told NRBR that he later thought about what would happen if he didn’t detect the fire in time – if it was too hot to carry or if the flames were too big.

– We talked with the boy and showed him the burning stove. He realized it was stupid, the father of young children tells NRBR.

He has now bought a fire blanket that can smother the flames if something similar happens again. He is glad the family was well aware that they must have had fire alarms in all the rooms when they moved into the old house.

Women are mobile anxiety

Women are mobile anxiety

Alarm clock

Linda Stoveland, chief information officer at NRBR, tells DinSide that such horrific stories are a wake-up call.

It goes well because he did everything right, but it also shows how easy it can be, says Stoveland.

It says free-standing heaters can flip over easily, and can be covered quickly.

Fortunately, he did everything right. He sat in the same room as the bulk heater, had fire alarms in every room, and had a powder machine.

Stoveland says that the heater is loose Just To be used when an adult is in the room. It should never be operated in the absence of an adult.

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