June 10, 2023


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The final Eurovision standings have been decided – VG

LIVERPOOL (VG) NOW DECIDED: Alessandra performed 20th out of a total of 26 entries in Liverpool on Saturday.


In the semi-finals on Tuesday, Norway’s Alessandra Meli (20) advanced to the Eurovision final in Liverpool on Saturday with the song “Queen of Kings”.

That same evening, it was announced that she would be performing on the second half of the show. Now the ranking is fully decided, and Norway appears as number 20 out of a total of 26 entries.

Austria gets the honor of opening the show, while host nation Great Britain closes the party. Last year’s winner Ukraine emerged just ahead of Norway, as the 19th country on fire.

A late performance in a show is often seen as an advantage, as the later songs are better remembered.

Great starting number. We couldn’t be better. We are very lucky, says Martin Philipp Vilanger, founder of the Eurovision Norway fan page. TV 2.

The last time Norway won Eurovision, with Alexander Rybak in 2009, the performance with the song “Fairytale” was exactly the 20th in a row during the final show in Moscow.

News from VG! Digital voting form: During the final, you can vote for your favorites and keep up to date with what your friends and family think About the contributions of different countries.

Among the big favorites in this year’s final are Sweden and Finland, who will feature in the first half of the final show.

On Thursday, it became clear that Denmark and Iceland had not qualified for the final.

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It is disappointing that Denmark is not represented in the Eurovision final again. Something has to change in terms of what we send to Eurovision, says Peter Emmike Rasmussen, Danske Spil’s prospects manager to Danish TV2.

Denmark has not participated in the Eurovision final since 2019.

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