The finance minister responded to the scripture after a vegan critique

The finance minister responded to the scripture after a vegan critique

Finance Minister Drigway Sloxvolt takes on the role Criticism of Dagbladet’s leadership Saturday:

Review of Dagbladet It shows that buying vegetarian food is more expensive than meat. This should put politicians to shame.

Vedum did not identify himself in the review.

– In case, they compared the copy products, and it is not so strange that it is more expensive. Vegetables are not more expensive than meat, but when the product is as uniform as possible, it quickly becomes more expensive, he says Dagbladet.

– Why?

– This is a question of small volume, and it is a kind of copy. In politics plant-based products are nothing expensive, but regular minced meat eaters abound. For example, carrots are cheaper than minced meat. There are many great vegetarian products that are expensive.

He also points out that in any case the manufacturer has to set the price. For example the government does not want to take price action by introducing a separate tax on meat.

– The goal is to produce as much food as possible in Norway. Scripture says it is not the goal that the price of meat should be high.

– Have wide focus

Climate scientists behind one New studyThe rich countries decide that meat consumption must be reduced by 75 percent if the planet is to feed us in the future.

When asked how Norway would achieve these goals if no political action was taken to reduce the meat consumption of the population, the role pointed out that grass production was important.

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– Many parts of Norway, especially parts of northern Norway and western Norway, should be used for grass production. If no basic grass is grown there, they will practically grow back. The Finance Minister replies that food will not be available from those areas then.

In 2019, the Solberg government entered into a climate agreement with farmers. It says the government will work to change the pattern of food consumption among the population, which will be in line with food guidelines.

“That agreement now appears to be at the bottom of a drawer in the Ministry of Agriculture,” Dagbladet wrote in an editorial.

– I do not know whether the leader read the agricultural contract. There are more investments in climate in agricultural settlement this year. We have set aside substantial funds to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate more energy. Climate-wise agriculture is the bulk of agriculture this year.

– Is climate-smart making it easier for people to eat less meat?

– We focus on fruit, berries and potatoes. But we don’t want to set it up against those who eat meatballs. We need to pay broader attention than fruits and vegetables.

Vedam took to Facebook on Saturday to respond to Dagbladet’s editorial. “I think the discussion about meat combing is completely lost,” he writes.

– Have both

Aril Hermstadt, vice president of the Green Party, said in Dagbladet on Saturday that 95 percent of subsidies in Norway go to meat and dairy products.

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– A small area that goes for vegetables and vegetarian food will disappear. Now we need to set the goal of increasing support for vegetarianism, says Hermstadt.

Vedum does not want to commit to that number.

– The specific number I need to get from the experts. In general terms, I can say that we need both. But we need to make it profitable – so that Norway can achieve as much self-sufficiency as possible.

MDG also proposes to remove VAT on vegetarian products, fruits and vegetables. The central party does not want that.

– We do not need different food VAT. The Finance Minister says the Center has always had a lower VAT on all food items compared to other items.

– Enough if they have

After repeated questions about whether the subsidy scheme is being distributed unequally, or whether the government will do anything to increase consumption of plant-based alternatives, the Finance Minister responds that he believes the subsidies are the best.

– We get food production in Norway as our top priority. We hope this is a good priority. For example, keeping milk production in big cities may have saved money, but we would like to use the resources found in the valleys and fjord.

– We need both vegetable and meat production. Supporting meat production is not the same as supporting vegetable production.

Vedum wants to end the concept of a meat comb and welcomes a varied diet.

– Whether it’s a burger, corn or vegetarian burger, you should happily grill it. It is a myth that steps are being taken to reduce the price of meat rather than vegetables.

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Following the advice of Norwegian health officials, he would not directly call on consumers to reduce their meat intake.

– Diet is good, people have to make their own choices. I will not be a watchdog when it comes to what people should eat.

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