The flaming pizza is said to have started a deadly fire in the restaurant

The flaming pizza is said to have started a deadly fire in the restaurant
The flaming pizza is said to have started a deadly fire in the restaurant
Drama of death: Fire and rescue teams evacuated guests trapped in a fire in a restaurant in Madrid on Friday. Two died and 12 were injured.

Restaurant guests are engulfed in smoke and flames when a violent fire breaks out in the restaurant after a failed attempt to set the pizza on fire.


Two people were killed in a fire in a restaurant in the Spanish capital, Madrid, late Friday evening. 12 others were injured in the accident.

– It seems that the fire started when a flaming pizza was served and decorations were set on fire in the restaurant, Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida tells Spain’s state television, two Saturday.

Spanish media reported that one of the restaurant’s specialties was Flambé-style pizza—a cooking procedure in which liquor is poured over the food and ignited for a short time.

– The fire service told me that it was a violent fire in the way it started and the smoke it generated, and if the fire station had not been only 100 meters away, the death toll could have been higher, Almeida says in the interview with TVE.

– If a few more minutes had passed, there would undoubtedly have been more victims, he says.

Death Trap: The restaurant on the edge of Madrid’s exclusive Salamanca district has become a death trap.

So more people are burned

The fire service was quickly at the scene of the fire, but was unable to prevent the tragedy. Two people were killed, one of whom was a waiter, he writes El Pais. Ten people were injured, six of them seriously.

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– I saw many people being burned and shouting “I’m going to die”. Someone broke windows with their umbrellas and tried to help them out, witness Miguel tells El Pais newspaper and continues:

Someone exclaimed that the chefs are still there because the kitchen is in the back of the place.

An emergency services spokesman said the fire had started near the entrance, making it difficult to evacuate the restaurant.

– completely boxed

The restaurant “only had one exit and because the fire was so close to the door, people went back to the back of the restaurant and were completely trapped,” said Carlos Marin, the head of the Madrid Fire Department, in videos tweeted by the Madrid team. Emergency services.

The fire was quickly put out. The firefighting teams pulled 12 injured people out of the restaurant, and six of them were taken to hospital, in addition to the deceased.

The restaurant is located in the Plaza de Manuel Becerra, on the edge of the exclusive Salamanca district of the Spanish capital.

The restaurant posted a statement on Instagram saying it was shocked by the deaths and expressing condolences to the families of the victims.

The Spanish police announced that they would investigate the fire.


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