The flight captain took the whole family with him as a crew – VG

The flight captain took the whole family with him as a crew - VG

It is rare for the cabin crew on an airplane to belong to the same family. The exception occurred when Iceland Air flew from Keflavik to Washington, DC recently.


When the Icelandic flight took off from Iceland to Washington, D.C., captain and father Ingvar Mar Johnson were flying with his wife and their three daughters.

Mama Segreor worked as a cabin attendant and so did the couple’s three daughters – Nina, Ingeborg and Segreor. In addition, the crew consists of the first officer and the cabin crew, he writes Fly Smart 24.

According to the publication, it is no longer unusual for parents to share the cockpit or work on the same plane. On the other hand, the Icelandic story must be unique because the whole family works for the Icelandic national airline.

– It was no different than any other trip. Everyone did their job and everything went professional. There was nothing like family on the flight itself, as pilot Ingvar Mar Johnson confirmed in an interview with Morning paper time.

vacation at work

When the parents found out that it was possible to gather all family members on the same flight, they actively asked the company to be hired as a crew.

The wish was fulfilled and would hypothetically result in the following announcement before departure:

“The captain and his family welcome all passengers on this flight.”

After it became clear that family members could work in the same period to the United States, they invited Nana’s mother and two of their daughter’s husbands on the flight.

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– We had a 24 hour layover in Washington, and of course it was great to be with the family, but at work it was like any other plane, says pilot and family man Ingvar in an interview with Morgunbladid.

aircraft family

The parents met through their jobs in Iceland. Pilot Ingvar began working in 1996, while his wife Sigríður Nanna joined a year later.

Sigríður Nanna comes from a large flying family. Her father and grandfather used to control aviation in the company. Sigríðar Nanna’s older uncle worked as an air traffic controller for Icelandair for decades.

Her brother now works as an air traffic controller, while his wife works as a flight attendant. Additionally, Sigríðar’s sister Nanna is also a flight attendant.

In addition to the three daughters of the hostess, the couple also has a teenage son. According to the father of the pilot Ingvar, he has not yet decided what he will do in the future. However, the son will not be as interested in the aviation sector as his sisters.

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