June 5, 2023


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The flood of rumors: - Sad

The flood of rumors: – Sad

WISLA (Dagbladet): The loss of former Czech high jump coach and national team jumping coach, Anton Hajek (35) has been reported. No one has heard of him since early October.

The Czech is said to have disappeared due to a vacation trip to the island of Langkawi in Malaysia.

Missing: Anton Hajek has been missing since the beginning of October. Photo: private
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Norwegian showjumping chief Klas Brady Brathin knows Hajek well and met him at Holmenkollen during Rho Air at the latest in March.

Then he worked as a coach for the Czech women’s national team. Before that he was a men’s coach. I remember he had some horrible good jumps in Planica, told Bråthen Dagbladet on the plain in Polish Wisla.

The Women’s and Men’s World Cup Finals jump here this weekend.

Bråthen says Hájek’s disappearance became a topic among Norwegian jumpers on Friday. He resigned in 2015 due to health challenges and results that did not meet expectations.

– I know him as a social person who introduced himself, Prathin points out.

The Fall: Anton Hajek fell in Oberstdorf in 2005. Photo: NTB

The Fall: Anton Hajek fell in Oberstdorf in 2005. Photo: NTB
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Czech media, including the main newspaper Blesk, reported that Hájek had divorced his wife Veronika Hajkova – the physiotherapist on the Czech team. The two married in 2019 and the separation is said to have been bitter.

– News spread of the death of the former player and coach in Asia. But the State Department has not confirmed this, Blesk reports.

The search for missing persons continues. We are waiting for information that will enable us to find him, said Adela Fialofa, a police spokeswoman.

Bråthen tells Dagbladet:

– It’s always boring when that happens. It is sad for the next of kin and everyone who cannot catch it.

Hájek is not just anyone. He made 111 appearances in the World Cup and jumped in both the Olympics and the World Cup. Planica’s longest jump was 236 metres.

– He was a very exciting performer. He jumped in a rough and rude way, Bråthen recalls.

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