The former Afghan president regrets leaving the country – VG

The former Afghan president regrets leaving the country - VG
Condemned by the people: A torn poster of former President Ashraf Ghani who left the country when the Taliban seized power. Photo from Afghanistan Liberation Day on August 19.

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani tries to explain why he left Kabul so quickly as the Taliban approached the city.


I Wednesday’s statement Ghani apologizes for his actions, but says he had no other choice. He explains that his security men said there would be street battles in the city if he did not travel.

The last time there was fighting inside Kabul itself was during the civil war in the 1990s.

Ghani claims the decision was the hardest decision he made in his life, but he eventually traveled to avoid bloodshed. He regrets that, like his predecessors, he failed to bring peace and prosperity to the war-torn country.

Before the trip: Former President Ashraf Ghani will speak at a meeting in Kabul on August 2, a few days before leaving the country and the city.

– Ghani says, I am deeply and sincerely sorry that my class ended in a similar tragedy for my predecessors.

He traveled with his family to the United Arab Emirates.

Addresses allegations of corruption

The statement of the former president was published on his Twitter account. Ghani says he owes it to the Afghan people to explain why he left Kabul.

He also embraces accusations that he left the country with millions of dollars owned by the Afghan people.

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These accusations are complete and absolutely false. Corruption is an epidemic that has paralyzed our country for decades and fighting corruption has been a focus of my work as president. You have inherited a monster that cannot be fought easily or quickly, he writes.

Shortly after his departure, the former president posted a Facebook posts His own explanation for why he left Afghanistan was that he wanted to “avoid massacres”.

However, the withdrawal angered the population, including members of his government, who saw this act as a betrayal.

Terrorists wanted in a new government

The former foreign minister, Muhammad Hassan Akhund, was appointed to head the Taliban government, while the terrorist Sirajuddin Haqqani was assigned the post of interior minister.

Christian Berg Harpviken, Researcher at the Breu Peace Research Institute, Said in an interview with VG He considered the new government a disappointment.

Peace Researcher: Christian Harpviken, Director of Peace Research Oslo Division, PRIO.

The peace researcher believes that the election of the feared members of the government will make it difficult for the international community to deal with the Taliban. The group will also have to work harder to get people off the sanctions list.

According to Harpviken, the Taliban did not deliver on their promise when they took control of the country. VG notes that the people hired now “include only established Taliban leaders”.

– This is not a comprehensive government. This is a strong signal, Harpviken told VG.

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