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Tidlegare sjef i Moskvas luftfartsinstitutt Anatoly Gerashchenko.

The former head of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), Anatoly Gerashchenko (73), passed away on Tuesday after What the institute says is an accident.

unknown source The victory of the Russian newspaper Izvestia That Gerashchenko fell from a great height and fell several degrees. Doctors must have pronounced him dead at the scene.

A commission should be formed to investigate the death. The news of the death was widely reported in the Russian media during the past 24 hours.

tied for defense

Gerashchenko has worked at the institute since 1977, and most recently worked as an advisor to the current head of MAI.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has strong ties with the institute, which Gerashchenko headed between 2007 and 2015.

Gerashchenko was awarded a number of government awards for his work, including the Order for Merit for the Fatherland, one of the highest.

Several deaths

In the past year, many high-ranking Russian officials and businessmen were killed.

Gerashchenko’s death comes two weeks after the death of the CEO of the Russian Overseas Development Corporation, Ivan Pechorin, He died after falling down a flight of stairs on a boat.

At the beginning of September, the chairman of the board of directors of the largest Russian oil company also died Lukoil and Ravil Maganov, under mysterious circumstances.

According to the Russian newspaper RBC, Maganov must have fallen from the sixth floor of the Central Hospital in Moscow. He must have died instantly.

In March, Lukoil’s board of directors issued a statement calling for an end to the war in Ukraine.

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“We hereby express our deep concern over the tragic events in Ukraine. We demand an end to the armed conflict in the blink of an eye and express our deepest condolences to all the victims.”

Five of the few died

In the past six months, several Russian oligarchs have been found dead under mysterious circumstances.

Many of the dead were found with their families. Many of them are associated with the Russian gas company Gazprom.

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The ruling authorities in several cases concluded that the deaths were suicide, but the former deputy head of Gazprombank disputed this.

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