The former Liverpool professional is investing in Tia Hotel

The former Liverpool professional is investing in Tia Hotel

Former Liverpool professional Vegard Heggem is buying a stake in the company operating Hotel Tia and a corresponding stake in the Millhouse apartment complex, which is being built on the property next to the hotel. Nine apartments are being built here for both short and long term rental, and many of the owners in the Millhouse development also hold shares in the Tia Hotel.

– I will remain with an ownership stake of about 10% both in the operating company of Hotel Tia and in the real estate company of the property next door, he told Heggem

– In terms of the hotel, I take ownership of one of those who in his time helped start the hotel, and who has now opted out, he explains.

Hotel Tia’s general manager, Jostein Ansnes, says it’s been a long time since he first approached Heggem about becoming a co-owner of the hotel.

– At that time he did not fit Vegard, but now he fits better. We are very pleased to have Vegard on the property side. Not only is he a former Liverpool player, but he’s also an incredibly knowledgeable man and a great resource in the sense that he knows tourism and travel, and we know he has a lot to contribute in that regard, Ansens told Liverpool.

– There are several reasons for choosing to invest in Tia Hotel now. I have been able to free up some capital in connection with the sale of my home in Rainbow and I am very happy in Liverpool. I of course have lived in Liverpool for five years, and been part of this great club. Going back to Liverpool is so big, good and fun, that such an investment felt natural to me, Heggem tells

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Praise the fan club

Heggem points out that there are so many people who are good at making arrangements for the Norwegian Liverpool fans, that he also wanted to be involved in this.

The fan club was great all those years ago. They have done a great job with both the member magazine and the news on the site. If you are a Liverpool fan in Norway, as I am, you will have unique opportunities to both nerd and have fun with the team. The Fan Club has recognized that those addicted to Liverpool FC are insatiable for information about their club, and they are providing material allowing members to get as deeply into their club as they want. This has formed a great foundation for the Liverpool fans of Norway, and then there are also the good people who have set up The Tia Hotel for those fans who want to stay on their club’s doorstep when they travel to Liverpool, says the former full-back.

Heggem believes it’s important for Norwegian fans to come to Liverpool and arrange everything to have a good experience, and that’s something he wants to help develop further through Tia Hotel.

– I think it’s fun being able to help strengthen these kind of structures. I want to contribute to people coming to Liverpool and having great supportive experiences.

The former Norway national team player does not know if the fact that he is now joining the ownership side of the Tia Hotel will make him travel more frequently to his favorite city.

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– we will see. Since I gave up as a footballer, I’ve visited Liverpool once or twice a year, and it’s been ok so far, says Hegem.

We hope to see more of Vegard at Liverpool now. Through Liverpool Adventures we hope in time at the Tia Hotel we will be able to offer more all inclusive adventure tours to Liverpool, with packages that also include, for example, golf and music as well as football and we are sure Vegard is with His education and background can help us put together good packages, General Manager Ansnes chimes in.

Heggem sees this as a combination of a declaration of love for the city and a business investment.

– Feels at ease both with the heart and with the head, smiles.

Great potential in the Anfield area

The former Liverpool professional sees great business potential in the Anfield area, an area with a lot going on around Liverpool’s home venue, Anfield.

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