The forthcoming UFO report in the United States is causing global outrage

The forthcoming UFO report in the United States is causing global outrage

Updated June 11, 2021, at 6:33 p.m.

  • UFOs have long fascinated humanity. Some believe in the existence of aliens, others do not.
  • The report on the unexplained events has now been completed in the United States and is due to be submitted to the US Congress in June.
  • Former President Barack Obama has personally provoked the anticipation.

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Even during his presidency of the United States, Barack Obama was fascinated by aliens and unidentified flying objects (UFOs) – and now he has recreated this craze among like-minded people around the world.

“The truth is, when I came to power at the time, I was like, ‘Is there a laboratory somewhere that has samples from aliens and spacecraft?’ I asked. ” Said the Democrats, who were between 2009 and 2017. President James Gordon is the host of his show on the television channel CBS. “Then they did a little research and the answer was ‘no’.”

OBAMA: There are scenes of unknown objects in the sky

But then Obama continued – he sat down and watched UFO fans around the world: “What’s true, I’m serious here, there are pictures and recordings of objects in the sky, we do not know what they are. We can not explain how they move, their flight path. No. “

Former Obama Vice President and current US President Joe Biden asked: “I’ll ask him again.”

The U.S. report on “unexplained events” is due to be presented to Congress in June

Behind the scenes, however, government officials from the Unidentified Aerial Events Task Force have long been working on a report on the matter. That’s one Ministry of Defense in conjunction with the Secret ServiceWhite House spokeswoman Jen Zaki said recently.

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According to the Department of Defense, the task force was set up with the aim of “finding, analyzing and listing unexplained events in the air that could pose a threat to US national security.” The working group report on their work was required by law.

According to US media reports, a published version of the top secret report will be presented to the US Congress in June. However, it was not initially clear if it would be available to the public, and many experts questioned it.

120 mysterious appearances in 20 years

The forthcoming UFO report in the United States is causing global outrage
A still image of a video released by the US Department of Defense shows an unidentified flying object spotted by US Navy pilots.

© US Department of Defense / dpa

There is a background to 120 obvious incidents that U.S. Navy pilots claim to have observed over the past 20 years. Pilots reported objects that were sometimes in the air at supersonic speeds and at altitudes of more than 9,000 meters. Sometimes there are videos and photos that need to prove the existence of these items.

The “New York Times“The report concluded that these events were not caused by the U.S. military or US government technology, citing government officials familiar with the report’s work.

The findings mean that the government cannot rule out the possibility that the events observed by the military pilots were extraterrestrial spacecraft, according to officials. However, there is no evidence that aliens were actually observed.

This report therefore does not provide an accurate explanation of the origins. Some experts worry that this could be China or Russia’s military tests with supersonic technology.

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Expert Kohler “has no great expectations”

The report states that he had “no great expectations” of joining the German Federal Research Network for Extraordinary Astronomical Events (CENAP) in Germany in 1976. It has made it his business to study reports of celestial events.

The report probably “does not give any sensational conclusions” because the exact background of the incidents was at least leaked in advance that has not yet been determined.

However, to the best of his knowledge, Kohler, who would like to see a similar report in Germany, says that all evidence refers to drones, balloons, or the like. “The anticipation of various UFO fans dreaming of defunct plates and alien corpses will certainly be disappointing.”

Aliens will not change Obama’s “political views.”

Former President Obama, however, was exaggerated by his statements and could not restrain himself from discovering extraterrestrial life, according to presenter Ezra Klein.New York Times“The podcast said.

“It does not change my political views because they are based on the fact that we are small creatures in a small connection in the middle of space. (…) We give the best, the best is to treat each other better because we are, and to know that there were aliens is something we all have in common. I hope it strengthens the public perception that is a little more important. “(Christina Horston / dpa / jwo)
© dpa

An unidentified flying object was reported near the city of Barco, North Dakota in the United States. A driver filmed strange lights in the sky Saturday morning.

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