The fox rushes across the lawn in front of the starting – VG

The fox rushes across the lawn in front of the starting - VG
Marked: The red fox was shown earlier in the morning than most of the Storting delegates on Wednesday morning. The fox was photographed by Nils Kristen Sandrine of Tinset, one of Labor’s morning birds.

LØVEBAKKEN (VG) met a red fox again in front of Sorting on Wednesday morning. This time in full daylight – at the same time Sorting representative Nils Kristen Santron (Labor).


Just before eight o’clock, the foxes and elected representatives appeared outside the National Assembly – just before the oral question time began at ten o’clock.

– This was surprising, says Chandran, a labor representative from the Wolf Area in North-Australasia, especially to Tinset. Avisa OsloWas the first to mention the arrival of the fox.

Red comrade

Sandtrøen, who wanted to talk about party members in the labor movement as “comrades”, soon joined the Red Fox gang.

– Here in Løvebakken it’s fun to suddenly appear about a four foot friend. It is a good animal. I have seen foxes at home in the Tinset area before. But Chandran tells Vijay that it should never be in the middle of the capital.

– Eidsvolls plas in central Oslo – Can you imagine political action for better structural conditions for foxes in the Spikersuppa area?

– No I do not. Foxes should be allowed to go where they want, the MP responds. He has heard talk in the political context that he wants to see a red fox with a rat in his mouth a short distance from Storting.

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– If so, that’s fine by itself. That’s good, the politician is analyzing.

REVE Photographer: Nils Kristen Sandron (Labor) sits on Storting’s transport team and represents Headmark. Picture close to where he spotted and photographed the red fox on Wednesday morning.

Fox Can be the same Who moved to Edswall’s place in Sorting at the end of March.

Then the fox rushed fearlessly to most of the people and the elected representatives – probably in search of food or mate, the news agency NTB reported.

In recent weeks, a representative of the Red Foxes has also approached Congress in Washington DC. Got one instead Dramatic results.

Evening Arrival: On March 28 this year – exactly one month ago – a red fox was spotted in Eatwalls Bros. in front of Storting.


Eidsvoll’s Square in Oslo is already widely known as the square in front of Sorting. Proven for and against (most) Most of it lives in the Norwegian democracy.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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