The friend must be saved – they are both dead

The friend must be saved - they are both dead

The police confirmed to the Spanish Information That past week, they found the bodies of a Finnish woman and a Russian man on the pebbly Cala de la Zora beach in Torrevieja.

in russian MK Elena Gagarina assures that it was her son Danila Gagarin who died in the accident.

Gargaren’s wife told the local newspaper, Information, that he jumped into the water to save a friend who slipped and fell off a cliff.

death accident: Trucks are unable to stop in time. Video: ViralHog
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The three were on the beach and took a shower.

Several media reported that Gargarin’s wife Dasha was photographed from the cliffs while her husband jumped into the water to save his friend and colleague.

Gargarin’s mother also confirmed that, and that she had seen the video.

– He was a real man who tried to help. But he failed to get himself and his colleague out of the water. The weather wasn’t bad or anything like that, but the waves crashed on the rocks, says mother Elena Gargarina of Russia. MK.

She explains that both Gargarin and his wife are fitness trainers. The Finnish woman who died also worked as a coaching coach.

The mother says the son will be cremated in Spain, and that it remains uncertain whether the family will arrive on time due to vaccination rules.

– We will return some of the ashes to Moscow, Dasha will get something, and the rest we will spread out to sea in Spain, Daniel loved the sea, says the mother.

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