The future of Innlandet is determined by a two-week poll and a staff survey in the county – NRK Innlandet – by local news, television and radio.

Oppland Hedmark

Deadline to apply The district connection is upside down on March 1 next year.

Between January 31 and February 11, locals will have the opportunity to vote on the future of the homeland.

After a few days, the district council will decide what will happen to the larger district.

During the process, employees in the business community, municipalities and district municipalities will also be allowed to provide their input.


What is a consultative referendum?


Referendums can boost confidence

Local consultation polls can be used by municipalities to know the views of citizens on various issues

A long tradition of local and regional elections

Local elections in Norway have a long history. Issues related to language and alcohol in particular have traditionally been the subject of referendums.

Must apply to important topics

Items taken for local referendum must be applied for as per Local Government Act 12-2 Functions of the municipality or district municipality . This means applying for a local referendum on topics that are subject to conditions that may be determined or influenced by the municipality itself.

Municipal polls cannot be controlled

Norwegian municipalities cannot hold controlled referendums. Municipalities may design and conduct referendums as they wish, but they may consult the Municipal Council in any case.

This is how it should go

The process going forward will lead to a decision on whether to live in Inland County Municipality. Or if you are going to split up again for Headmark and Opland.

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The referendum is called “consultation” and politicians have to decide how much weight to put on the decision.

On Tuesday this week, the county’s municipal director, Tron Palmroot, will present a plan for the Electoral Board on how to conduct such a referendum.

If the proposal is approved, the three processes will be implemented before the district council makes a final decision at its meeting in February.

  • Physical and digital reconciliation for approximately two weeks
  • Consultation with municipalities
  • Employee survey among employees in the district municipality

In-person voting opportunities will be arranged in all municipalities. But we are also working on a digital solution that will make it possible to vote digitally, says District Municipal Director I Inland Tron Palmrod.

According to Bamrut’s proposal, the start date for the election is January 31. The deadline for voting is February 11.

– The conditions of the structure must be good for many to express their opinion.

Claim Process: County Municipal Director Tron Bamrud believes this will be a solicitation process for Innlandet in the future.

Photo: Innlandet County Municipality

The question that big district residents have to answer is very simple:

Should Innlandet County Municipality continue?

Answer options are simple: continue, split or blank.

Palmrod has not yet made an estimate of how much the poll will cost. But he firmly believes it will cost millions of kroner.

– How much should the results of the referendum say?

– It would have been interesting to know. But I think the higher the turnout, the clearer the decision, the more weight I think will add to the district council decision.

But if there is an absolute majority, there will be a great need for district council politicians to overturn the decision among the people.

Predict the demanding process

Tron Palmroot, director of the county municipality in the locality, says it’s a grim process they need to start. And it may demand more along the way.

– Now we are at the beginning of the process of sunbathing and trying to figure out how to implement it. We depend on all the municipalities locally, and we may have technical issues, says Palmrod.

Opland Headmark

Section ?: Divide inland districts and return to Hedmark and Opland? Citizens should be involved in determining.

Description: Marte Irene Noreng Tren / NRK

He thinks there may be fights both internally and externally about what is true for the interior or two districts.

– The county municipality has more than 4000 employees who have been trying to find their place and form in a new company since 2018. There may be unrest among the staff, which I think would be very sad and gruesome.

A voice parted

During the dramatic District Assembly on December 8, It was made clear by a vote that a referendum would be held on whether the interior would last as a district. 29 people voted in favor of the referendum and 28 against.

Eric S.  Winter

Voted against the party: Erik S. Winther broke with the other party group in the Labor Party and voted for a vote in the County Council.

Photo: Anders Buckerut Larson / NRK

Earlier during the district council meeting in December, there was controversy surrounding the decision on the referendum.

Was before the meeting Domestic Workers’ Party Oversight Board Firm No. To disband the large district. Most people thought it would be a nail in the coffin and the proposal that Innlandet should survive would get a majority in the district council.

But that is not the case.

Eric S., a veteran of the Labor Party. Winter voted against his own party, and a referendum was to be held.

  • Many in the Labor Party responded to what Winter did, and it wants to have consequences:

Thus, 29 votes were cast for the referendum, with 28 wanting the Inland to be passed.

Winter’s decision was so badly received within the Labor Party that he believed he had put other members of the party committee in a state of tension before the County Council.

Winter himself relied on the minutes of the party’s oversight committee, and believed he had his own opinion.

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