The garden’s gigantic North Korea bill

The garden’s gigantic North Korea bill

Recently, millionaire and Orkla owner Stein Eric Hagen went public with the following plans for Rotin’s voters:

– I’m happy to treat those who vote in red with a “one way ticket” to North Korea. Then they will immediately get the community they want.

Then the big question is: what does it really cost Hagen to send everyone who wants a strong political turn to dictatorial dictatorship in the East?

Now, for clarity, it must be said that securing the entry of all rod members would not have been entirely easy. To enter a highly closed dictatorship, one must book a package tour with a travel agency cooperating with North Korea.

Only then can you apply for a visa and hope you will be granted. There is no reason to believe that the North Koreans issued visas to those with a one-way ticket.

Long journey

If we set it aside and make a trip to North Korea for a free and democratic country, we will find out how much it will cost Hagen to “send” the whole of Rod voters to dictator Kim. Zhang-unin Empire.

According to the government’s website, the most common way to enter North Korea is to fly through the Chinese capital, Beijing.

A quick search on Finn shows that the cheapest trip from Cartermon to Beijing on September 1 ends at 9625 kroner. The journey takes 32 hours, with a stop in Poland, South Korea and the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

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However, it is very difficult to find specific flights from Beijing to the North Korean capital Pyongyang on a specific date. But should we assume that the service is the average price of a flight from Beijing 7536 Kroner to Pyongyang?

Based on these calculations, Hegan will have to pay NOK 17,161 for every red voter for a one-way ticket from Oslo to North Korea. Stein Eric Hagen We do not take into account the discounts or bonus scheme that can be used in such megabooking.

We did not include in the calculation that it would cost a good deal to fly among Red voters from Finmark, Mandal and Laurel to Oslo, but it is unthinkable that Hagen’s own luxury aircraft, the Gulfstream G280, was used. For that purpose ..

Billion dollar bill

How expensive the whole bill will be for Hagen depends on how many red voters there are actually in Norway. In previous parliamentary elections, when more than 2.9 million votes were cast, it was easy to take it as a starting point.

This means there are 29,000 voters behind every percentage of support. Of the six national polls released so far this year, the Reds support an average of 5.1 percent, according to the poll website.

Round, which means Rod is ready to kidnap 145,000 voters. The total cost of Hagen’s trip, if all voters are included, is about 2.5 billion kroner.

After such a bill, Hagen would still have salt in the porridge. According to CapitalThe country’s richest outlook, he ranks a good seventh, with an estimated net worth of $ 33 billion.

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Get dental fees instead

But Hagen can keep the money easy, reads Rottin’s message.

– Hagen does not have to pay for air tickets, but through the registration selection for the rod, he must pay for the dental visit to our voters and everyone else – whether he likes it or not, Rod chairman Bizarne tells Moxnos Parson.

One of Rodin’s key issues in the election campaign is free dental health for all, which is estimated to cost NOK 12 billion. Rod will cover the bill by gradually increasing the corporation tax from 22 to 26 percent. From 2025, it is estimated that an additional 14.8 billion will be deducted from the corporation tax.

In addition, the party will tax those who earn the hardest.

Stein Eric Hagen, the party he describes as “irresponsible” is Rod or S.V. Hagen has no major opposition to the other parties on the left.

– If the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party rule, it is not death. I live well. These are the two responsible parties, Hagen said.

During the year he himself made substantial contributions to the bourgeois parties.

Through the family company Kanika, Hagen has provided the following:

  • 3.5 million to conservatives.
  • 2 million to Frp
  • 1 million left.
  • 1 million to KrF
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