The Girls’ Choir Sings The Diary of Anne Frank – NRK Culture and Entertainment

The Girls’ Choir Sings The Diary of Anne Frank – NRK Culture and Entertainment

On weekends, Date Norski Genticor – with girls the same age as Anne Frank – sang excerpts from her famous diary during the Oslo International Church Music Festival.

Anne Frank died in 1945 at the age of 15 in a concentration campThey demanded a memoir of the years she and her family hid in an Amsterdam attic while the Nazis hunted down Jews during World War II.

– We are the same age, but she had to sit at home and hide in a box. We go out and experience the world, pEyre Clara (12), Anna (13) and Lena (12) for NRK.

They sing in the choir that performs the work «The beauty that remainsWeekends with the Radio Orchestra. The lyrics were transcribed into choral music by Marcus Paus, and have the name from a diary excerpt.

While she was in hiding, Anne wrote that she still believed in the good in people. A girls’ choir sang those words this weekend, in a packed Oslo cathedral.

Listen to excerpts here:

In spite of everything

I still believe

That people really Good heart

In spite of everything

I still believethat peoplegoodThis heart

Lena, Clara and Anna of the Norwegian Girls’ Choir say that singing Anne Frank’s words makes an impression.

Photo: Turi Grønbech/NRK

– is still relevant

The memoir of a young girl’s life has been translated into more than 60 languages ​​since it was first published in 1947. But her everyday images from the war have also been made into theatre, musicals and TV series. A new opera about Anne Frank premiered in the United States, and before Christmas passed animated film “Where’s Anne Frank” In Norwegian cinemas.

Research Librarian Anne Kristen Land at the National Library believes there is a lot of interest in the Holocaust in Norway now.

There’s just something about the times that makes Anne Frank still relevant, Land says.

The writings of Anne Frank.

The war in Ukraine made Anne Frank’s story relevant again. In Italy, graffiti featured Anne Frank burning the Russian victory symbol Z.

Photo: Luca Bruno/AP

Image from a movie

Where’s Frank: Director Ari Follmann wanted to make the animated film because he saw clear parallels between the Anne Frank story and the refugee situation today, according to Germany’s BR24.

Photo: Arthaus

The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank smiling in a 1941 school photo, before she went into hiding and began writing her diaries.

photo: – / Ap

It’s been 80 years since teenage Anne wrote about what it was like to be on the run as a Jew. In recent years, Land has noted many new books on how Jews were treated during and after the war.

She thinks it might have to do with the fact that time has passed.

– It was so terrible. The first generations didn’t talk about what happened, but now the new generation is asking questions, says Land.

Memoirs of Anne Frank fits here, as it is one of the few books written by Witness.

Describes a unit that today’s young readers can understand and identify with.

Who was Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who had to hide from the Nazis during World War II. When she was thirteen, she began secretly writing diaries about daily life. Anne Frank’s diary was written from June 1942 to August 1944.

In 1944, she and her family were discovered and sent to a concentration camp.

Anne Frank died of illness in the Bergen-Belsen camp just before the war ended.

The memoirs she wrote are one of the most widely read books in the world. It has sold over 70 million copies

– I don’t understand that she managed to be an optimist

The fact that there is once again a war in Europe makes the book even more relevant.

For a girls’ choir, it’s very special to sing Anne Frank’s words now. They point out that the Ukrainians lost their world, just as Anne Frank lost hers.

– Nevertheless, you write about the remaining beauty. Even after everything that’s happened, she can still believe that there is something nice in the world, says Clara.

She and the other girls think it’s cool that Anne Frank is so optimistic.

– We were very afraid and angry at the Nazis, but she managed to believe that there was something cute there.

– DrThat we sing lyrics that highlight her story, and perhaps help prevent something like this from happening again?

A man in front of the orchestra and choir

Composer Marcus Paus accepts applause with KORK and the girls’ choir.

Photo: Anders Lelibeau

Girls sing

For the first time, “The Beauty Still” is performed with choir and orchestra. The Norwegian Girls’ Choir performs with the Radio Orchestra.

Photo: Anders Lelibeau

The girls' choir sings

The Norwegian Girls’ Choir sings the words of Anne Frank at Oslo Cathedral.

Photo: Anders Lelibeau

Listen to the world premiere of the work “The Beauty That Still” with Radio Choir and Orchestra is here:

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