– The goal is to stop Trump – VG

- The goal is to stop Trump - VG
Attack: A large crowd of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, shocking the United States and the world.

Never-before-seen videos, new audio recordings and a mountain of evidence will convince Americans of the seriousness of the congressional storm. Tonight, the first hearing of the January 6 commission’s investigation begins.


Ahead of the hearings, committee members promised explosive new details, according to others NBC News.

We will reveal new details showing that the January 6 violence was the result of a coordinated effort in several steps to reverse the election result in the 2020 election and halt the transfer of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, according to a committee member.

Indeed, former President Donald Trump was at the center of the effort, he says, according to NBC News.

During the 11 months that the investigation continued, some information was leaked. Among other things, there have been cases of alleged evidence of this Trump can be impeachedin Phone records of the main business hours During the attack is missing and that Republican leaders will get rid of Trump.

What appears now, however, is little known at present. Thus, hearings at the Democratic-led inquiry can be fraught with political peril.

Special Committee: The specially appointed committee that investigated the storming of the Capitol in Washington is made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans. In the middle is Committee Chairman Benny Thompson.

Democrats are working hard

The amount of leaks can give people the impression that the commission’s findings are old and new.

Failure to reveal exciting new details, committee members promised, could further erode Democrats’ credibility among the people and lead to more problems ahead of the US midterm elections next fall.

– The committee has collected a huge amount of new information, an unnamed source from the committee told NBC News.

The Democrats are now working hard, says US expert Hilmar McGildy.

The problem for the Democrats is that the hearing remains a remake of a movie we’ve seen before. We saw January 6, 2021, and the villainous Trump finally won when he survived a second Supreme Court, says Migilde, who has a Ph.D. in Comparative Politics.

However, Mjelde believes that this is an ethically important advice, and that all details should be disclosed for the sake of future generations.

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Shipped directly

The first of at least six congressional hearings begins at 2 a.m. Friday NST and is broadcast live on all major channels, except for Fox News. The hearing will be a mixture of traditional witness interviews and audio, video and audio presentations.

The nine-member panel will then provide an overview of the findings during the 11-month investigation. Over 1,000 people were interviewed and more than 125,000 documents were reviewed.

The first hearing will also look at the role of far-right people and groups in the storm.

Judge: QAnon’s character, Jacob Chansley, became world famous for his horny hat and colorful face after a storm. Far-right conspiracy theories have been central to many congressional storms. Chansley was later sentenced to prison.

British director Nick Quested and policewoman Caroline Edwards will attest to this.

Quested filmed several members of the far-right group Proud Boys as they stormed the building. Edwards was seriously injured in the attack.

several witnesses

There have been many unconfirmed reports about the people named in former Trump employees who have been called to testify. At the same time, it is already known that many of the closest allies will not run, such as former chief of staff Mark Meadows and Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the House of Representatives.

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The committee summoned McCarthy and four other Republicans who had contact with Trump before and during the attack, but so far have refused to cooperate.

The public is also expected to hear what Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and Trump adviser Jared Kushner made clear when they testified before the panel.

The sessions will end in early September, when the commission of inquiry will present its final report and recommendations on how to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Republicans: The goal is to stop Trump

In the fall, there will be by-elections in the United States where new representatives will be elected to the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Republicans are now leading, and the Democrats are battling for the polls.

Many voters care about inflation, education and other issues that have a more direct impact on their lives, while Democrats insist that people shouldn’t forget why January 6th happened.

Republicans have criticized the commission’s work for being a political tool rather than a legitimate investigation.

– Republic Elise Stefanik said on Wednesday they are struggling to change the headlines and are asking that the country focus on biased witch hunts rather than our conservatives.

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Republicans worry that the United States has more important things to discuss than the storming of Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

The congressional committee has no power to prosecute anyone. However, what emerges from the hearings could trigger further investigations by the police or other security agencies. It was also proposed to send “recommendations” to the Ministry of Justice as a result of the investigation.

“The goal is to simply and easily prevent President Trump from running for office in 2024,” said Republican Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio.

US expert: Republicans are complicit

Before the hearing on Thursday was The Republican candidate for governor of Michigan, Ryan Kelly, who was arrested by the FBI. Kelly, a Trump supporter, faces a less serious charge for his role in the Capitol storming.

According to the American expert Migildy, many in the United States do not take into account the idea of ​​Tromism as a dangerous totalitarian mass movement.

“If what happened on January 6, 2021 happened in the United States instead of in Latin America, the United States would see it as an expression of a weak democracy there,” he says.

Republican criticism of the investigation dismisses Migylde outright.

The Republicans have no issue at all, no issue at all. And 147 members of the Republican Congress voted to cancel the election result. He says that they are morally and practically complicit in the attempted coup and must therefore rewrite history in order to coexist with the politician and not spoil the by-elections.

It will change the story

Thousands of Donald Trump supporters gathered in Washington on January 6 last year to protest the election result and show their support for the president.

In a letter to them, Trump reiterated the undocumented allegations of widespread electoral fraud and that the buyout (stop the theft) must stop. He encouraged attendees to march on Capitol Hill and declared that he would “fight like hell.”

Demonstrators followed the call and then stormed the Senate, where senators were in the process of ratifying the election result.

January 6, 2021: Former President Donald Trump gathers a large crowd outside the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Later, Trump supporters storm the building.

Images of angry crowds, violent clashes, terrified members of Congress and elected officials, broken windows and demolished rooms spread across the world.

Committee members are confident that their findings will shock the public.

“It will change history,” said Adam Kinzinger, one of the Republicans on the committee.

Every hair in the neck should stand when one understands how deeply they are trying to corrupt all levels of government, according to Democratic Representative, Elaine Luria, who sits on the committee.

“By putting it all in one place and in one cohesive narrative, I believe it will help the American people better understand what happened on January 6 and the threats it may pose in the future,” Luria says.

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