The Google Watch app can cost you for your business

The Google Watch app can cost you for your business

There are many reports of failing alarms and alarms on Android phones. Perhaps the culprit is the Google Watch app.

He misses appointments and falls asleep

For weeks now, there have been negative reviews in the Play Store for the Google watch app, Google’s default alarm and alarm setting. Many people report that the alarms are not triggered properly, and users are complaining about forgetting appointments or falling asleep due to unreliable alarms.

Most pixelated

The reports come mainly from users who have Pixel phones, but mobile phones from Samsung, Oppo, and OnePlus are also said to have problems. Many manufacturers have installed other clock apps as standard, but it is not recognized that they are the ones that users use.

It is unclear what is the cause of unreliable alarms. It is also not known when the problems started. Since May, negative reviews have been found on the Play Store indicating failed alarms, but the issue has only recently been on the agenda – and it has been due to media reports.

“please do not disturb”

According to XDA Developers, the issue might be related to Do Not Disturb mode. By default, it blocks notifications from apps for a certain period of time. There is usually an exception for the alarm clock, but there may be errors here.

A thread on IssueTracker caught Google’s attention: “Reports forwarded to development team,” Google wrote on August 31.

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