The government is introducing many omicron measures

The government is extending the isolation period for those who may have the omicron variant. In addition, several measures are introduced.

The government is implementing several measures to prevent the spread of the omikron variant.
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Health Minister Ingfeld Kirkul offers several measures to reduce omicron infection.

Health authorities believe it is only a matter of time before the alternative is confirmed in this country as well. The government will try to limit and delay the spread by taking several measures:

* The isolation period is extended from five to seven days if there is reason to believe that you have Omicron.

* Family members and other close people must be isolated for ten days. Recently, there have been exceptions for everyone who has been fully vaccinated or infected in the past year.

* A test commitment has been provided for close contacts. Two PCR tests – the first as soon as possible, the second between days three and seven.

* You should also, if possible, avoid close contact with other people until the first negative test.

* All procedures apply to everyone – regardless of vaccination status.

* This procedure is stopped if it is determined that the infection is not caused by the omicron variant virus.

The new omicron variant is likely to be more contagious than the delta variant. The experience from the Corona pandemic so far is that the variants of the virus with an increase in infection will spread to all countries, including Norway, says Minister of Health and Welfare Services Engfeld Kjerkol (Labour) in press release.

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He must have a high rate of vaccination

It became known on Friday that the new omicron, which is likely to be highly contagious from the coronavirus, has spread rapidly in South Africa.

Since then, the infection has been confirmed in a number of European countries, and Norwegian health authorities believe that it is possible that we will also receive confirmed cases of the type in Norway. The infection was discovered this weekend in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

– The new virus variant stresses the need to speed up the pace of vaccination with the first and second doses for everyone who has not received them, and a refreshing dose for those who should receive them. Vaccine work should be prioritized, Kirkol says.

– Barely shutting down

Measures from the government are based on compliance Norwegian Directorate of Health Plan to respond to an omicron variant. In addition to the measures listed by the Ministry of Health, the Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends the introduction of a more aggressive and expansive system of infection detection.

Health Director Bjørn Guldvog believes we are in a situation with the introduction of new infection control measures, but it likely won’t lead to a full lockdown.

– In the situation we are in right now, face masks can be an effective measure, especially in areas with a lot of infection and where it is difficult to maintain distance, Guldvog tells TV 2.

The question is whether the measure should be applied to the entire country, or whether it should be targeted more at individual areas. He points out that this will be a trade-off.

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– But it’s not over yet. The health director says it’s up to the government to decide.

Stor explains on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (Labour) will report to Parliament on the situation of Corona and the government’s plan to deal with the omicron variant.

Prior to the meeting, Health Minister Ingfeld Kirkul will hold a digital meeting with all municipalities, as well as state officials, the National Institute of Public Health and the Norwegian Directorate of Health. The selected municipalities with high infection pressure will discuss the situation locally, and Kjerkol will provide information on management at the national level.

Guldvog says health authorities envision there will be advice and recommendations in the future, but some injunctions may also be relevant. There will be more clarification in the coming weeks.

He says they haven’t suggested a full shutdown, and that we’re in no way in the March 12th situation.

– But we want to take measures that prevent us from getting there.


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