The hairdresser moves next to the treatment room

The hairdresser moves next to the treatment room

Catherine Schnesky is the butterfly hairstylist.
picture: Selji taljo clakyj

On April 2, there will be an opening ceremony at the new building in Judaberg town centre. This will be from 12 noon until 4 pm.

– Catherine, often called Katie, clearly approaches Øyposten when we meet her in the salon. Shampoo and conditioner were placed on the shelves and hairdressing chairs and mirrors were placed where they should be.

– Gradually I will introduce more things, such as eyelash extension and microblading. Today, I offer eyelash lifting and brow lamination services as well as hair styling services aimed at the whole family, she further explains. In addition, it can repair hair extensions.

long experience

She is a mother of three and originally from Germany, where she is a trained hairdresser and holds a master's degree. She has worked as a hairdresser for 22 years, including an apprenticeship.

“Now the kids are older, I have more clients and it's good to have a place to work outside the home,” she says. Working hours are not fixed, but if you want an appointment with the hairdresser, just send her a message.

-I have to take care of my husband's working hours, because the children are still too young to be alone at home, she laughs:

– In addition, I also have a number of hairdressing assignments in Åmøy, Fogn and at the nursing home, so I decided it would be best to stay open by appointment.

The phone number you can contact her is: 92200151.

Happy with the new neighbour

Therapy room owner, Berti Laufsnes Hetland, is pleased with the new support.

-We are very positive about sharing the building with Frisør Sommerfugl. She feels that she is somewhat in the same concept as us, she told Øyposten:

-We have already noticed a synergistic effect with clients going to the hairdresser coming to us and vice versa.

She says it's great that local is being used.

– We have space for more people who might want to deal with health, well-being, skin and hair, or something like that on the same street, she concluded.

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