The HamKam Women comfortably won 3-1 in Kirkenes/HamKam

The HamKam Women comfortably won 3-1 in Kirkenes/HamKam

The Kama Ladies who dominated the match from the start in Bjorn Parken. Good ball control and quick movement, and the home team had little movement between them. Several attempted chances came continually, but the first real chance came after eight minutes of play. 45′ from Bakke in front of goal, but Berntsen’s pressure puts him in the goal.

However, she would have her revenge eight minutes later. A great and effective left-to-right game shift, Line Hem moves up. The ball hits further into the court as Berntsen appears in the first room and puts the ball into the goal.

Bjørnevatn fights most in the game in the form of physical duels. They get some violations and try to deal with them. After playing on top, a free kick is awarded. Linnea Kamitz doesn’t do much other than her job. Stand close up with the tip facing the wrong way. From 18 metres, the shot widens.

HamKam then scored two more goals, but both times it was ruled out for offside. One looks decent, while the other should be fun to see the analysis work. After playing, the away team deserved more goals, but the arbitration team is the one who decides, and the score will be 0-1 between halftime.

In the second half, the whites and greens should try to be more efficient in moving the ball around. The visitors pulled it off, and in the 48th minute Linnea Moen created the first chance of the half. She pulled herself up on the left side, and from a slightly acute angle, the shot was headed straight for the goalkeeper.

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Yellow bears fight well. In an effort to change the battlefield picture, it is good to have game changers on the resource platform. The good performance of the players who rested earlier and the new energies left their mark on the game.

Now put the green and white in extra gear. Kama increases his lead in the 69th minute only. Ina Andreassen recovered high in the field, caught Bjørnevatn, and sent a left-footed shot to the near post. Just a minute later, a corner kick from Sara Brik goes straight to the near goal, and the score is 0-3 real.

With good control and the chance barely fading, the goal was clearly a donut and no goal was conceded. HanKam was aware of taking the ball before it bounced throughout the game, but in the 90th minute it bounced over the back row. A quick finish in the left corner ensured a reduction for the hosts.

The final score is 1-3 and Kama secures another victory on the tough ground in Kirkenes.

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