The head may be used

The head may be used

Being a politician is not easy.

Mistakes that others get away with without a scratch can threaten to cost our elected officials.

There are many examples of this.

Gone in 2008 Åslaug Haga As Minister of State and Leader of the Socialist Party, after receiving criticism in the media regarding a sidewalk illegally built in a country house in Stryn and breaking the rules when renting a storage cage on the farm.

Jonas Jar Store Then get rid of fear and moral strains Finansavisen In 2017, he revealed that six years earlier, undisclosed works had been used on the Labor leader’s sidewalk at his country house in Arendal.

Jens Stoltenberg Also, get rid of fear after that Dagbladet In 2001, he revealed that he backed his worker-owned Saab 9.3 directly into a parked Volvo, and did not notify the owner.

At the other end of the scale is the Progress Party maziar scafariCriminal travel bill fraud in Parliament – and the case against Labour Haig Hochland Lidal About the same, which is shown in court in November.

Where is the crime of the leader of the Kurdistan region and the Minister of Family and Child Affairs like Gil Ingolf Robstad in this package?

Looks like Robstad didn’t do anything illegal. He held a registered address at his parents’ home in Moisund in Agder until last year, although he owned a semi-detached house in Lillestrøm outside Oslo. Aftenposten reveal this weekend. Thus, according to the rules of Parliament, he was eligible for commuter accommodation paid by the capital’s taxpayers. I took advantage of that.

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Now Kjell Ingolf Ropstad says he’s sorry. He was criticized by Erna.

The KrF leader is having a bad day at work, and it can be hard to max out afterwards.

Because it does not help that the commander of the Kurdistan Force has acted within what the rules allow. He acted contrary to the scheme’s intent. He used it to his advantage, and it’s hard for people to accept it from a man with a million salary.

Of course Robstad has to do it himself. This should be in the spinal cord. And if it is not there, then it is allowed to use the head.

It is appropriate for Robstad to lie flat, as he does on Monday. There must be room for forgiveness. But it will cost. Kjell Ingolf Ropstad must repay what he earned by deceiving himself into obtaining free housing at the expense of society, if he has any hope of restoring honor and credibility.

You have left everyone in a equilibrium. But the minister and the parliamentary representative are not everyone. He’s someone everyone has given the most confidence, to be a legislator, to manage our tax money.

That is why there is no room for greed and obvious self-interest. Because trust collapses after that.

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