The heat wave ravages: – – Like a ghost town

The heat wave ravages: – – Like a ghost town

Last week, temperatures of over 40 degrees were recorded in several European countries. It doesn’t look like the high temperatures will abate anytime soon.

Sicily in Italy recorded the highest temperature on Tuesday at 46.3 degrees.

Spain is one of the countries hardest hit by the heat wave. Many choose to seek shelter and shade to avoid the hottest hours of the day.

British tourist Mark Warren (42 years old) noticed this. He claims that most people stay in their homes in the port of Cartagena.

– Cartagena is like a “ghost town,” says Warren Sky News.

Forest fires have reached Rhodes

– Unbearable

On Wednesday, 41 degrees was reported in the city, which is what Warren fears.

– The heat is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. It is relentless. It’s a very aggressive kind of heat, and the sweat is constantly dripping, he says.

Sky News also spoke to tourists and residents in Italy. Catriona MacLeod, 37, says she has to shower three times a day to cope with the sweltering heat in the south of the country.

Duckert: The heat in Rome is intense, and people find different ways to cool off. Photo: Reuters/NTB
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In Rome, Lippi Bowles, 47, has to take several breaks during the day to cool off.

– Bowles says it’s unbearably hot.

Red danger warning

According to the meteorological service MeteoalarmMany destinations popular with Norwegians have a red warning about high temperatures. Croatia, Italy and Spain were among the hardest hit on Wednesday.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mariken Brosgaard Harpitz encourages Norwegian travelers to follow the advice of local authorities.

Warnings of danger applaud

Warnings of danger applaud

– A minority of Norwegian citizens have contacted the Foreign Ministry regarding the heatwave, Harbitz wrote in an email to Dagbladet on Tuesday.

If consular assistance is required, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be contacted.

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