The hitherto unknown email shows what Eva Christine told Hanson Sorting

The hitherto unknown email shows what Eva Christine told Hanson Sorting
Eva Kristin Hansen, former Speaker of Storting.

In 2017, Eva Christine Hansen was asked if she had moved anywhere from the tax apartment. It was in Trondheim. An hitherto unknown email shows her failing to report a house in Sky.

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Eva Kristin Hansen (Labor Party) resigns as chairman of Storting. Last week, it was revealed that although he had been living partially on the skies outside Oslo, he had been receiving free housing for three years since Storting. He was booked into a lodge with his party colleague Trond Kiske in Trondheim.

Over the past week, Storting’s management and Hansen have been at odds with each other. The director believes she should not have had a commuter house as she had a house less than 40 km from Storting. Hansen says he was not told how the rules were enforced.

An email, now unknown, documents what Hanson did when asked where she went.

In February 2017, management asked her to respond if she had a home of her own in her hometown. They also asked if she had gone to an address other than this one. The latter Hansen did not respond directly.

– I have a house in Trontheim, which I completely dispose of, and he mentions nothing about the semi-detached house in Sky.

Here is the email:

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