June 8, 2023


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The hitherto unknown statement - a warning of a full crisis

The hitherto unknown statement – a warning of a full crisis

Recently, the state administrator in Trøndelag sent a report clarifying the consequences of the GP crisis to the Ministry of Health and Care Services on his own initiative. The report sounds a warning.

The report, sent out on May 23, concludes, “The GB crisis with a shortage of GB services leads to an increase in patient care and unfair treatment, and the rights of the patient are not protected.” To do.

– As we find the situation related to the GB project in Trentola to be very important, we have now submitted a status report to the Ministry on its own initiative. We will assist in the implementation of key guidelines, but we also have an obligation to report upwards when we feel the need for it, and we have done so now.

This is what Assistant District Physician Christine Asmerwick, who co-authored the report with District Physician John Waugh, told Docbladet.

– Unjustified treatment and reduced patient care as a result of the GP crisis is very serious, which is why we have chosen to submit this report.

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Bonnfaller Kjerkol

State Administrator, Ministry of Health and Minister of Health and Care Services Ingvild Kjerkol (Labor Party) urges that effective measures be taken as soon as possible to stabilize and employ the GP program.

“In this context, the supervision and follow-up of the State Administrator of Municipalities has a limited effect. We are writing the report to provide an understanding of the implications of the GP crisis in our district to the Ministry and hope that this will contribute to the necessary national action taken to confirm the plan,” the report said.

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– We can advise, guide and supervise. But now that we realize that nothing more can be done to address the crisis, we need to focus on finding a solution to the GP crisis nationally, says Assistant District Physician Asmerwick.

– How urgent is it for the Ministry of Health to implement the necessary national measures?

– It’s a hurry.

Under the supervision of Stjørdal

The report warns of challenges related to staffing, working conditions and patient care in many municipalities. The state administrator says that reports and complaints have been sent to them that are of great concern to the safety of patients, and that municipalities are not aware of how well this is being followed.

As a result, they have begun overseeing the GP project in the municipalities of Trondheim, Steinkjer, Meråker and Stjørdal. The latter is the home municipality of Health Minister Kerkol.

– Stjørdal’s Situation One of my party colleagues in Stjørdal was concerned that I was in contact with the resigned Mayor Ivar (Vigdenes journ.anm.). Municipalities are trying to do what other municipalities have done, that is, a project must be fined, renewed and funded, says Kjerkol Dagbladet:

– The GP scheme was introduced in 2001, which ensures the continuity and excellent services of the individual citizen. I understand that this is perceived as a demand to be without GP for a long time. Not least for those who need frequent follow-up.

– Serious situation

Jerkol assures that the general coaching service is one of his highest priority tasks. Moreover, he says he is very concerned that Norway should turn today’s growth upside down.

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– There is growing concern about the GB project from municipalities, patient critics, state administrators and the Norwegian Health Board. We are in a serious situation for the GP project. I take it very seriously. So I want to take action to ensure good general coaching services across the country with a consistent GP plan.

Kerkol believes the GP crisis is a complex problem that cannot be easily solved with a revised budget.

– I will develop activities that are in great agreement with the action plan for the General Coach Service. But it is necessary to look for more powerful tools when adjusting and strengthening the measures in the plan.

Director of Health: Bjrn Goldwalk at the Norwegian Directorate of Health.  Photo: Christian Rider-Nielsen / Docbladet

Director of Health: Bjrn Goldwalk at the Norwegian Directorate of Health. Photo: Christian Rider-Nielsen / Docbladet
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Crushing report

More than 150,000 people in Norway are on the list without a permanent doctor, which the Norwegian Health Board is seriously considering. On Thursday, they were crushed Report After reviewing recent oversight experiences related to general medical services and emergency services in municipalities.

“Overall, the review shows that the GB project is under pressure across the country.

In addition, they list several examples of failures that have already occurred in health care, and write the following:

“In the Norwegian Health Board’s assessment, this is a persistent risk and there is reason to assume that similar failure will occur again, given the growth we see.”

– Assistant District Physician Asmerwick commented that I think it is good and important that they made this report, which highlights the consequences of the GP crisis.

Goldwalk is worried

Director of Health Bjørn Guldvog Dagbladet says Trøndelag’s status report provides important feedback to federal health officials. Goldwok also cites a recent report by the Norwegian Health Board.

– We are concerned about the current GP plan, and especially for vulnerable patients who rely entirely on a solid plan of action, says Goldwalk Dagbladet.

– The Norwegian Directorate of Health is now working to make the current GB program more robust and attractive so that more young physicians choose the GB profession and more experienced GBs remain in the program.