The key to a successful play-off – VG

The key to a successful play-off - VG
Equal Kids…: Minnesota Wilds’ Russians Kirill Kaprizov and Mats Zuccarillo celebrate Zuka’s goal against the Winnipeg Jets at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul on November 26 last year.

Mats Zuccarello (34) and fellow Russian teammate and playmate Kirill Kaprizov (25) praised their special chemistry — both on and off the ice — and cited it as key to the Minnesota Wild’s success ahead of their first National Hockey League playoff. St. Louis blues tonight Tuesday.


– Zuccarello is a very good player in all respects: the advantages of the game, great eyes, a wise player, says the coach of the Play of the St. Louis Blues contender Craig Berob, according to The Star Tribune Minnesota.

Well, to celebrate before the first game between the Berubes Blues and Zuccarello’s Minnesota Wild in the first playoff round of the NHL’s Stanley Cup at Wild’s Home Xcel Energy Center at 03.30 p.m. NST through Tuesday – and happily in a larger case about the special «chemistry» between « Zuka” (34) and the Russian “brother of arms” Kirill Kaprizov (25).

– Mats Zuccarello says that some players “click” on you better than others.

He has passed Wild’s last four games in the series, but according to several media outlets during the team’s morning practice in Saint Paul on Monday morning local time, he will be ready to play one in the series’ top seven games, with Wild having a home advantage in a crucial seventh game. – In front of just over 18,000 fans (Average Wilds in Core Series: 18040 – 100.48 percent of advertised capacity.)

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According to statistical facts, the latter – fans of Wild – are certainly thrilled with the recovery of Mats Zuccarello.

Kaprizov has scored 74 goals since his debut in the National Hockey League last season. Mats Zuccarello added assists to 33 of them. Norway’s only NHL player has scored 35 goals since the Russian moved from the Russia-based KHL. Kaprizov added goalscoring passes to 21 of them.

Two Alans of the Same Piece: Mats Zuccarello knows almost every time Kirill Kaprizov is on the ice, and vice versa. From night to Tuesday Norwegian time, the NHL playoffs for the Stanley Cup begin. The duo meet Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues.

– They read each other very well. It will be a tough challenge. They’re very good, Saint Louis captain Ryan O’Reilly says, which is key to the team and the team’s offensive game.

Marcus Foligno of Minnesota, 30, thinks Wilde’s effective Russian and Norwegian duo interact as if they had a sixth sense. One always knows where the other is. Kirill Kaprizov sees it this way: – Honestly, this is not about fantasy games. It’s the little things, melee in gloves. If we can keep it going, win our game changes and finally help the team win, that’s what we have to keep focusing on, he says via an interpreter, writes Star Tribune.

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Those who followed them closely claimed that the two of them instantly found the tone on the ice. They did the same off the ice. This trick – on Wilde’s bench during a game against the Edmonton Oilers on April 12 – underscores that “fun” is a crucial ingredient in the recipe for success.

Kirill Kaprizov became an NHL star in record time. In his first season (2020/21) he scored 27 goals and provided 24 assists in 55 matches (Corona reduced number). Kaprizov and Zuccarillo then became a duo after 14 matches, two games after the Norwegian returned after an injury to his hand and arm. Kaprizov was named this year’s newcomer to the NHL and was rewarded with a five-year connection worth $45 million (426 million NOK).

This season, he played 81 of 82 regular season games: 47 goals and 61 assists. With 108 goals, he is the first Wild player to score more than 100 goals, and the first player for the club to finish in the top five in the NHL goal statistics (5th place).

Kirill Kaprizov spent 70 percent of his time on the ice battling Mats Zuccarello, who without a doubt — despite injuries — completed his best season in the league since his debut in the National Hockey League just before Christmas 11-and-a-half years ago. He had to stand more than 12 games, but he still scored 24 goals and added 55 assists to score goals in 70 matches. Average goal per game: 1.13.

79 goals more than his second best season with 18: 61 goals (26 goals / 35 assists) in 81 games for the New York Rangers in the 2015/16 season. Goal average per game: 0.75.

Mats Zuccarello played a total of 84 qualifying matches. When the New York Rangers reached the final in 2014 (loss to Los Angeles Kings), he scored 13 goals (5 goals/8 assists) in 25 games. Three years ago, he played 13 playoff games with the Dallas Stars: four goals and seven assists (11 goals).

Last year, he had three assists to score goals when Wilde was too Eliminated in Game 7 of the first round against the Vegas Golden Knights. Kirill Kaprizov scored two goals and left a pass to score.

– I’m not worried at all when it comes to the two in terms of the (most) physical game in the playoffs. “I think we’ll see them at their best,” says Marcos Foligno.

The Ritual: Mats Zuccarello throws himself into the arms of the much larger Marcos Foligno after defeating the Los Angeles Kings at home at the Excel Energy Center on April 10.
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